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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 4 Trailer Released Ahead of Next Week’s Launch

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Telltale’s next episode in the third series of their Walking Dead tie-in is set to launch on this coming Tuesday, the 25th of April.

The new episode, titled “Thicker Than Water” is expected to focus further on the great divide between Javi’s family, and it’s focus on redefining family as those you care for, rather than those you are related to — epitomised by series stable Clem’s continued efforts to save AJ.

Ahead of next week’s launch, the developers released a new trailer which teases at some of the action coming to a head in the coming episode.

As ever, the episode will be free for those who bought the season, or available separately at the same time for a small charge. It’s expected to launch simultaneously for the mass of formats it’s on; PC, iOS, Android, Xbox One & PS4.

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