Stikbold ‘Couch Overtime’ is a New, Free Update for Last Year’s Dodgeball Darling

A new update has released for Stikbold adding a mass of new content to the game’s competitive co-operative mode.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, which launched last year on April (“100% successful super-good day to tell everybody your game has launched”) 1st, was a wacky, accessible take on dodgeball. To celebrate it’s year on sale the developers, Game Swing, have released a new update for free.

The new update adds in a new level called Honey Haven which features a greater intensity of elements, pop-ins and distractions from many of the other game levels. The real star of the show however is four new, local co-op minigames, which are as follows.

“• Handyball – 2vs2 take on another Danish sport – Handball
• Pop Pop! – A lethal variation on another classic ‘Balloon dance’
• Crate Escape – Team-based shoving contest – Fragile; handle with care!
• Rainbow Rumpus – Blazing Battle Royale… with bee-bombs!”

Stikbold! is a fantastic local multiplayer experience, and it’s very affordable at £7.99. It’s available for Mac & Windows PC’s over on Steam. It’s also available on PS4 & Xbox One.

You can get a peak of the new content in the trailer below.

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