PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition Trailer Lands, Free Items For Current Players

PAYDAY 2 got an Ultimate Edition trailer, and here’s what you can expect.

Overkill Software pushed a new trailer for PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition, which in a nutshell, is basically the base game with every DLC ever released for the PAYDAY 2 title bundled into it. This means that over 150 weapons, 15 different characters, 250 masks, and 50 heists are all compiled into one tidy package. This is 48 DLC’s.

Going forward, all DLC’s shall be free for players, except for the Ethan and Hila Character Pack. Also, those who purchased PAYDAY 2 before the Ultimate Edition will get a $10 discount for the Ultimate Edition, and and in addition, any DLC you’ve purchased in the past will have the price deducted depending on the DLC you own.

Players will also get a free Matryoshka Grenade, a beautifully decorated grenade that will blow up anyone within the blast radius, you know, as a grenade does. Community members will also gain a Golden Dallas Mask.

PAYDAY 2 is Overkill’s FPS title in which four players pull of heists to earn money, upgrading their arsenal, and becoming one of the biggest crime forces within Washington DC. The Ultimate Edition is available now.

Source: Steam

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