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Twin Dragons, a side scrolling platforming title set in the style of the old NES titles and developed by Antoine Gohin’s studio, “Broke Studio” is now on Kickstarter after being originally birthed from the NESdev Compo 2016, and is now seeking funding to make the title a real physical cartridge for the NES system. The target is set at €8,000 and crowdfunding will run out on the 31st of May 2017.

Antoine Gohin originally created Twin Dragons as part of the NESdev Compo 2016, and even released a playable demo and there’s also on online browser demo. The development  has already been covered by the development team themselves, and it is stressed that the Kickstarter is to bring a physical cartridge to life. The target of €8,000 is sitting snugly at €16,687 at the time of writing this, and has 205 backers.

What is it about?

The title sees Dinky, and Minky, two twin dragons going on an adventure to retrieve their stolen sibling – who is still an egg – that was left in the twin dragons watch while the parents went off hunting. The thief, a sorcerer from the nearby village plans to use the egg to increase his power. Players will need to control either dragon as they go on the adventure of their little dragon lives to save their family member. It’s actually a fairly cute story which fits the adorable art style.

What about the features, huh?

The art style of the game is created to match the exact colour palettes and pixel art found in classic NES games. The levels will take player through vibrant NES themed levels, both on land, and through dark dungeons. with players collecting red peppers to harness the hot powers.

The title features basic physics, and will see the little dragons being able to breathe tiny fireballs to battle the small enemies, or the big boss, and power-ups allowing a mega fireball or a freezing power-up.

And what about the Stretch Goals?

Stretch goals are available, with the first goal being at €12,000 which brings physical goodies in the form of an illustrated map of the in-game island, and such. Other stretch goals come with two-player mini-games, a soundtrack, and more are to be announced when funding hits, €40,000.

The title is due to launch late 2017.

You can see the full Kickstarter page right here

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