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NES Style Platformer Twin Dragons Demo Released, ROM Available

Glutock has announced the release of the demo for Twin Dragons is now available.

Twin Dragons, the NES styled platformer created for the NESdev Compo 2016 has finally got a playable demo released to the public.

Antoine, the developer behind Glutock has stated that the following features are within the game and working,

  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Actors animations
  • Basic physics
  • One-way platforms
  • Dragon’s fireballs
  • Simple enemy AI
  • Background collisions
  • Actor / item collisions
  • Items / power-ups
  • Moving platforms (horizontal and vertical)
  • Basic sound effects
  • 45° slopes
  • Flying enemies
  • First boss
  • Freezing power-up
  • Mega-fireball power-up

I had previously covered this while it was just looking interesting and no build was available to play.

The available ROM has no ending and there is no death, and while it may look like a loop it isn’t, he just copied and pasted the same portion several times.

The ROM can be downloaded here:


Source: Press Release

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