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Hand of Fate, a deck building video game that brings a digital card game to life. The goal, build a deck by earning new cards and then but them into action, Well now the card game is coming to life even more with the Kickstarter page announcing a physical version titled, Hand of Fate: Ordeals. This project that’s being crowdfunded by Defiant Development, the developer behind the video game, has got until June the 22nd 2017 to gain AU$ 30,000. 

It has surpassed that goal…incredibly well. Currently sitting at AU$ 178,724 at the time of writing this. and has a total of 1,869 backers. And with June the 22nd sitting a while away, there’s still a lot of time to push the funding even higher.

What is it all about then?

Hand of Fate: Ordeals is an adventure deck-building game that is set within the universe of Hand of Fate, and is a physical card game for 1-4 playe….sorry, adventurers. The game allows competitive play or co-operative play. There is an ancient artefact that has the power to twist reality and bring forth horrors from the past. Sitting before Kallas, the holder of the game, players play for their life, while Kallas plays for teh lols basically.

Starting only with a crappy rusty axe, and a few skills, players are to trace their past by exploring the vast lands that and hold dangers or benefits, and building a strong card deck as they prepare for attacks to take down the Jack, King, and Queen, either together or alone. Basically it sounds like a fantasy epic, and seems like the story is going to be a solid one, with a universe that suits both players of Hand of Fate and new players.

Sounds dramatic, what’s included?

Well firstly, the game is expected to last for thirty minutes and is suitable for ages 14+. The board game will come with the main board that will feature six panels,

  • Five plastic miniatures
  • Four player boards
  • Food tokens
  • Wooden player discs
  • Usage crystals
  • Shard tokens
  • 300+ cards – including twelve royalty cards, forty-one Encounter cards, thirty-two enemy cards, ninety-eight Dealers Row cards, forty starter cards, forty Poor Fortune and Flourish Cards, Seventeen Relic cards, twenty Pain cards,
  • A fully illustrated Rule Book (You can read this over on Google Doc)
  • Custom Box Insert
  • Quest cards for co-op games.

What abo…

Hang on! I hadn’t finished, there’s even going to be some add-ons.

  • King of Dust – Will includes co-op campaign scenarios, extra competitive cards, and a custom miniature.
  • King of Plague – same as the above but suited to the theme.
  • King of Scale – same as the above but suit to the theme

What about stretch goals?

There are plenty of stretch goals available, with eighteen already being unlocked. These all bring new cards, the above expansions, alternate art player boards, and more.

The board game is a collab effort by both Rule & Make and Defiant Development, they are aiming for a release date for November 2017, however that estimation is based on there being no stretch goals achieved.

You can view the full Kickstarter by heading over yonder.

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