Teaser Trailer Shows Rezrog in Action, Launching Tomorrow

Rezrog, a title that sees players attempting to restore peace to a once peaceful land, but sees them trawling through dungeons to achieve it.

Soaphog, the developer behind the title sees players heading to Rezrog, a world in turmoil with all manners of evil lurking the lands. A team of heroes push on to defeat the threat and restore peace.

Players will be able to equip items, craft items, upgrade those items, and use them to attack the enemy. With a skill system, heroes can learn new skills to aid them, and they’ll need them as they’ll be going through one-hundred dungeons. Players are faced with a challenge though, if they succeed in a level, then great, they move on, but should they fall victim, then they’ll end up imprisoned or dead. While only one hero can take part, should that hero be captured, then another hero can head out and rescue them. Should they all be captured, then it’s a permadeath punishment.

Heroes are 2D upright figures set amongst a procedurally generated 3D world in which they move around on tiled floors in a turn-based system against more than 120 enemy types. More information on the title and its features can be found on the Steam Store Page.

Rezrog will be arriving on PC, Mac, and Linux, and will be available on the 31st of May, 2017.

Source: Steam Store Page

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