Twin Dragons, NES Styled Platformer Coming This Month

Glutock, an independent game developer are set to release an NES inspired game titled, Twin Dragons.

Twin Dragons is a platformer that seems to appear not only heavily inspired by the NES games of old, but also inspired by Mario in that it looks like a classic Mario game, only with a green, and a red dragon rather than a chubby plumber!

There’s a reason for the game being inspired on the NES games style, and that’s because it’s an entry for the NESdev Compo 2016. The competition ends on the 31st January, so should be available to play around that time.

The developer has released details of how far along they are on a forum, and it seems like it’s nearly done!

The features that are currently working are

  • horizontal scrolling
  • actors animations
  • basic physics
  • one-way platforms
  • dragon’s fireballs
  • simple enemy AI
  • background collisions
  • actor / item collisions
  • items / power-ups
  • moving platforms (horizontal and vertical)
  • basic sound effects
  • 45° slopes

While the list of what’s left to do is…

  • add flying enemies
  • add at least a boss

They have also released an update that they dated on the 30th December. This update included

  • a lot of bugs have been fixed
  • 45° slopes are completely implemented
  • player can jump down from one-way platforms / moving platforms by pressing down+jump
  • background CHR is now full, and contains tiles for 2 worlds

So keep your eyes peeled on the end of the month for the final entry version of Twin Dragons. It sure looks stylistic and reminiscent to those games most of us will have grown up with. A wonderful tip of the hat to our past.

Source: NA Forum

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