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StarFlint: The Blackhole Prophecy, a piece that has landed onto Kickstarter along with it’s hand-drawn art, and point-and-click style gameplay, and there’s a demo to play too. It’s being developed by Stunmason Games, and it on the crowdfunding scene in hopes to raise €35,000 by the 23rd of June 2017.

The project has so far, at the time of writing this, raised €15,000+ with a backing of 538 backers. Not a bad start to the journey!

What’s the game about then?

StarFlint is a 2D point-and-click adventure with role playing elements, set in the style of a Lucas Arts title with mature, comedic themes. Trixie & Flint travel far and wide in a bid to explore, and find themselves uncovering mysteries behind a huge conspiracy. Players will also have an underground base in which they can customise it earn money, hire employees, expand rooms, and open up new possibilities. The game is said to allow players to always take two routes to overcome puzzles, they can either take the route where they must solve a puzzle, or they can take another, more difficult path. Depending on the path taken the rewards will change.


Well, the world of StarFlint is free to explore, with eight planets being available to travel to in a non-linear order. When each planet is discovered, then you are able to develop your business. The secret facility that players get to manage will allow them to create their own base. A wide range of rooms can be unlocked the more quests are completed, and employee’s can be engaged and managed. Employees join you only if you can persuade them to join you.

The game is said to also allow everything to be interactive, allowing for a very intense point-and-click experience. There will be multiple endings which are determined by how you make choices throughout, with future dialogue and NPC’s being affected. There are due to be a load of achievements and collectables within the scenes, and upon exploring planets, you’ll come across new cultures and languages that you’ll have to get used too and learn. Cutscenes are also present, and are played out in am anime, cutout fashion.

Stretch Goals?

Well, the initial goal of €35,000 will see the game funded, and at current there are two more stretch goals available. €50,000 bringing “StarFlint Shelter” and €75,000 bringing four more planets, more NPC’s, puzzles, stories, and employees.

The title is planned to initially launch on PC, Mac, and Linux, then shortly after on Xbox One. PS4 and Switch versions are going to be planned should they get the right amount of support. There are also plans to release the base building function as a standalone mobile/tablet title with cross platform play.

You can check out the full Kickstarter and details by going here

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