4 – Destiny 2/New light

Recently going free to play, Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter/RPG that offers a robust amount of content. Small teams of three all the way up to large, hundred-player clans, tackle all kinds of missions as you traverse across the solar system to battle all manner of alien enemies with three unique classes, each offering different play styles.

With a heavy focus on teamwork throughout its vast PvE and PvP content, Destiny is ideal for fostering team building and spirit. With plenty of DLC to further your adventures and a ton of new players to meet, you always find something new and fun to do with your teammates.

Destiny is currently available on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

5 – We Were Here

Playable only by two players with each on their own microphone-equipped system, We Were Here is a co-operative adventure game in which two characters are separated throughout a large castle trying to find each other. One player will explore the halls of the castle looking for another who is confined to a small room that is handily filled with information that can help their partner. Without the second player’s help, the first will have no chance to solve the puzzles that will block their progress.

It’s a really creative game that feels in some ways like A Way Out but with cerebral puzzles rather than combat and quick-time events. There are even two more games in the series in the forms of We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together. The first two games in the series are available on PC and Xbox One, whilst the third is available only on PC.

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