3 – Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a challenging game, but with more than one person trying hard to survive, you can actually thrive much more than you might in Don’t Starve. This game — with it’s gothic, Tim-Burton aesthetic — has been around for quite some time. In it you (and your friends) are dropped, without food, into a world full of death. You’ll need to attempt to stay out of the darkness, stay fed and keep yourself from going insane or dying. Your biggest worry is rarely the enemies dotted around, but more to the tune of not starving.

Over time, you can unlock new recipes and work together, making a base that better keeps everyone alive. You can build up a fridge to store food within, make a large farm and even start preparing for winter. For me, Don’t Starve Together is the better version of Don’t Starve — but I normally rely on my friends to keep me alive. It’s a fun game that I enjoy.

You can find Don’t Starve Together on Steam.

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