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8 candles that smell of video games


Ever wonder what your favorite video games and video game consoles smell like? Yeah, me neither. Candles are something I have always had around my house growing up — smells like apple pie, lavender, and ocean breeze (whatever that is). It only makes logical sense, as a game-playing adult who has a nose, to start getting video-game-themed candles!

Sega Dreamcast CandlesWith Sega’s announcement that they are creating both Dreamcast and Sega Mega Drive candles (complete with holders) they posted a curious challenge. The industry stalwart are looking for individuals to name the scent of these candles. The person who comments on their Facebook Post with the best smell name even gets a free candle once they are released.

But, what would video games smell like? Well, I don’t even have physical games to sniff anymore — but there are tons of video game inspired candles out there!

Crash Bandicoot – Wumpa Fruit Candle

Wumba Fruit, Crash Bandicoot Candles

First, we have the Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Fruit candle. This candle smells of the fictional Wumpa Fruit from the game — whatever that fruit might be like. If you have been curious what this in-game fruit did smell like then now is your chance to find out. A fruity smell to fill your home as you game on.

Take the leap and see what this fruit is like.

Animal Crossing – New Leaf Village inspired Scented Candle

Animal Crossing Candles

As we all know, a new Animal Crossing game wasn’t announced at E3 earlier this year. However, you can still make your home smell like New Leaf village with a candle that smells of grass, fruit, and a bunch of flowers. This candle is super cute, with lovely packaging and green wax leaves on the top of the candle.

Get yours for £11.99.

Legend of Zelda – Hyrulian Forest Candle

Zelda Hyrulian Forest Candles

Inspired by the world of Legend of Zelda, you can have your home smelling a bit like Hyrule’s forests, the one you’ve probably spent a dozen hours questing through. Crushed leaves, mint, and eucalyptus combine to make for a relaxing candle, one well worth lighting while on your journey. This tasteful candle is packaged in a way that doesn’t directly look video game related, for a more sophisticated home.

Pick one up for £5.99.

Destiny 2 Scented Candles

Destiny 2 Candles

If an earthy candle set is what you’ve been looking for, look no further. Destiny 2 has inspired a candle set that is inspired by the planets within the game. This set covers a bunch of different smells — there is something here for every nose — whether you like Earthy smells, flowers to brighten up a room, or something with amber notes.

You can grab a set (as well as a Destiny 2 Candle Holder) for yourself.

Life is Strange – Two Whales Diner inspired Scented Candle

Life is Strange Candles

Moving onto the delicious smells of your favorite video game food, we have a Life is Strange candle that is inspired by the Two Whales Diner. This adorable candle smells like a fresh stack of pancakes — much like you could get inside the game. Surely everyone loves delicious pancakes?

Grab one for £11.99.

Undertale – Papyrus’ Spaghetti Candle

Undertale candles

Everyone knows Papyrus has one of these candles in his home. The scent of tomato leaves and fresh pesto coming from the candle, instead of the food he is attempting to cook. Surely this smells better than that frozen plate at the beginning of the game? Maybe having it in your home will inspire you to be as obsessive as he is.

Pick one up for £5.44.

Portal – The Cake is a Lie Candle

Portal Candles

The cake was surely a lie, however, this candle’s wonderful smell isn’t. Complete with colorful sprinkles inside the candle, you can trick your friends into thinking you have a lovely vanilla cake baking inside your house. The Enrichment Center would approve greatly.

You can get one for £5.45.

Sonic the Hedgehog – Blue Blur

Sonic the Hedgehog Candles

It turns out that even Sonic the Hedgehog smells quite sweet and delicious. Speeding around at the speed of sound, he seems to let out a scent of blueberry cobbler — as long as you light this candle, that is. With scents of vanilla, graham cracker and blueberry you will be associating the most delicious of pies with the sweetest character.

Get yours for £14.79.

Who knew video games could smell so good?

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