News | BFF or Die Now Featured as Part of the Square Enix Collective

BFF or Die, from Honey Tribe Studios, is currently being spotlighted over on the Square Enix Collective where it will be showcased for a short while to receive feedback from the existing community, or any gamer interested in submitting feedback on the title.

For those of you unaware of the game, it sees you and up-to three others travelling through procedural maps, working in harmony -be that through commanding cranes, shining spotlights to light the way, or maybe even sharing decoys among yourselves. Levels revolve around dodging enemies, or stunning them with abilities, and collecting orbs – however, each level requires a decent amount of teamwork, with layouts formed to require spread out team-mates opening and closing gates across the dark maps.

Myself and some of the B3 & FBF team got to play the game at the PC Gamer Weekender earlier on in the year. We managed to completely fail to communicate on later levels, leading to us inadvertently killing one another. In both the failures and successes we had fun, albeit one with slightly more swearing. The difficulty curve certainly ramped up, however messing around with setting the decoy – any player’s input on the assigned button will snatch it away to that player, forcing teamwork – was amazing fun, although also where we started butting heads on our plans.

The game is set to include over-internet multiplayer for launch in addition to the – already perfected – local mode the game launches with, and there’s a few cool other ideas listed by the devs on the SEC page including a browsable Let’s Play section where you can watch other people’s efforts at the game.

The game is set to head to crowdfunding later in the year, when hopefully we’ll see some more of the content on show, as well as get a closer estimate to the launch date. It is currently confirmed as launching for PC, Mac & Linux. Honey Tribe are also looking to release the title onto Xbox One & PS4.

[Square Enix Collective : BFF or Die Page] [Greenlight Page]

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