Battle Brothers Leaves Early Access, Now Fully Released

Battle Brothers, the open world, turn-based RPG is now available over on Steam.

The 24th March 2017 saw the release of Overhype Studios’ title, Battle Brothers, a gameset within a procedurally generated open world in which players control and manage an army of medieval mercenaries that risk their lives in deadly battles with the danger of permadeath facing them, meaning that each character that comes with their own backstory and personalities face dying and never to revive again, unless it’s for Undead purposes.

The title released on Steam Greenlight in October 2014 and then launched as an Early Access title in April 2015. The title releases with a Soundtrack DLC being available, however owners of the Deluxe version or the Supporter Edition will get the soundtrack DLC for free. In the coming weeks there will be an Art & Lore Book that will become available.

EiC, Dann ran his thoughts on the title while it was in version V0.7.0.12. You can read that here.

“Battle Brothers has easily been one of the best executed experiences of Early Access that I’ve had the pleasure of being part of.” – Dann Sullivan (Big Boss Battle)

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