7 wonderful digital tabletop games from Steam’s Board Games Weekend

Over on Steam there are a bunch of digital board games, adventure books and tabletop adaptations which can be played online with your friends instead of in person in a room. These digital tabletop games are just as fun as the physical thing — and take up less space!

Currently, there a bunch of them on sale and we wanted to recommend a few for you to check out.

Fighting Fantasy Legends – 60% off at £2.79

Fighting Fantasy Legends is a role-playing card game which takes three gamebooks and combines their stories — giving you a few different quests which all interlink with each other towards the final goals of the game. You can solve side quests, explore a fantasy world, and fight off various baddies, all through rolling dice.

For those who would like to see three Fighting Fantasy tales woven together in the same story and those who enjoy the journey from squishy adventurers to tanking heroes, Fighting Fantasy Legends is by all means an enjoyable game. However, those who grow easily bored of some repetition may be less thrilled with the prospects Legends offers.

Read the full review from last year here.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain – 70% off at £4.49

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a solo tabletop RPG with turn-based combat. This graphically interesting game builds around you as you play, items falling from the sky as they create the world. There are a variety of different game modes, from challenging ways to play to more forgiving ones, as well as a bunch of characters with their own stats for you to play.

Graphical grumbling aside (at least it was bound to beat its ZX Spectrum predecessor), Firetop Mountain is a great adaptation of the gamebook, achieving the perfect balance between original mechanics and more replayable, less frustrating, more skill-based alternatives. With each character having their own quest, there’s a good amount of content to dig into for the price.

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Dead Exit – 70% off at £1.35

Dead Exit is a card game with an apocalyptic setting, that you can play solo or along with your friends — trying to escape a city together and not become zombies. In an attempt to survive the evacuation of a city, you’ll need to manage your resources and betray your friends if you want to make it out with your life.

Playing with others is the key thing my mind kept coming back to whilst playing this. I enjoyed what I was playing a lot, whether alone or against other people but I couldn’t help but feel that I would love a physical version of this game. I could see sitting around a table with other players being tremendous and (dare I say it) being as much, if not more, fun as Dead of Winter. I’m all for digital board games, but this one would benefit so much from a real version. If you’re able to RadiationBurn, make it happen!

Continue reading what we thought of the full game.

Field of Glory II – 34% off at £15.70

Field of Glory II is a turn-based, tactical war game where you fight battles against, or for, Rome. It is up to you to take command of a variety of armies, trying out different tactics and attempting to make history in your own way.

All of the flexibility that Field of Glory II brings is simply phenomenal. The gameplay is beyond incredible. The enemy AI is formidable, to say the least. Byzantine and Slitherine have outdone themselves with this title. I cannot wait to see what they add next. For now, though, I have to get back to my not-now-impossible, Gallic/Syracusan, seven-stage, progressive-difficulty campaign.

We previewed the game when it was first released here.

Victory and Glory: Napoleon – 67% off at £7.58

Victory and Glory: Napoleon is a fast-paced tactical strategy game, based off a tabletop classic, where you can become Napoleon Bonaparte and try to take control of all of Europe. You need to manage your armies, fight epic battles, and gain more land in order to keep your empire growing. Fight against AIs and form allies to complete your reign.

For a game to accurately depict the extent of the Napoleonic wars it must feature a military tactics system, allowing forces to defeat overwhelming numbers using flanks and positioning, as well as a morale, leadership, and officer communication system. That’s all a hard ask – but the combat of Victory and Glory does manage to at least put you in a position where you can break enemy forces with tactics – should the numbers lean in your favour. If you combine that system with the cards, the tough AI, and the victory conditions it tallies up to a game with a massive amount of content on offer.

Read our full review here.

Heroes of Normandie – 67% off at £7.58

Heroes of Normandie is a fast-paced, sleek, strategy-based tabletop game where you are in control of small squads of soldiers in the middle of D-Day. There are a variety of ways to play, from full campaigns to quick skirmishes, which provide something for everyone. You can even battle against a friend in multiplayer.

Heroes of Normandie combines a fast, synchronous-turn play style, with an extremely malleable, flexible choice of units – meaning you have a game which (in relation to other turn-based tactical strategy titles) is quite fast to be learnt, and easy enough to pick up and play.

We reviewed the game and Editor Update here.

Blood Bowl 2 – Legendary Edition – 60% off at £15.99

Blood Bowl 2 – Legendary Edition is a turn-based, American-football inspired strategy game full of humor and tactical gameplay. The game itself is set in Game Workshop’s Warhammer fantasy universe, adding lore to the game if you enjoy knowing who you are killing while you play.

While I have no background in the Warhammer universe, and did not play the first PC Blood Bowl, I do love football, strategy, and especially turn-based strategy. This is also a game that is very much as fun to watch, even on the enemy’s turn, as it is to play. Not many sports-themed games give me this much pleasure and enjoyment.

Read our full review, full of awesome pictures, here.

There are quite a few ridiculously cheap tabletop Steam games that you can pick up until August 5th — so grab them while you can. If you are interested in seeing what we think of various other games on Steam, you can follow our Curation page!

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    Awesome article! Tons of great games to choose from and I am totally buying Heroes Of Normandie – had no idea it existed before this but it looks amazing.

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