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7 wonderful games from Steam’s LGBTQ+ Sale

Steam is highlighting a bunch of LGBTQ+ games that are currently on sale, in honour of Coming Out day taking place this month. These games contain LGBTQ+ characters or themes, and we picked out a few different games from the sale to highlight ourselves.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm — 70% off at £4.19

One of the game’s strongest aces is its soundtrack, which excels at being immersive, intimate, intense and even channelling when it has to be. The conveyance of feelings of relaxation, vulnerability, anxiety and others are strengthened by the track playing in the background.

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All Walls Must Fall — 50% off at £4.24

The title, inspired by classics such as XCOM, and REZ, calls itself a tech-noir tactics game, with a black and white world with little colour sits amongst the horrors of war. Players will take control of time-travelling agents in an isometric style of gameplay based in one single night in Berlin that is procedurally rejiggled about giving the title a high replayable rate.

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A Mortician’s Tale — 35% off at £4.67

No one can say that this concept and way of dealing with death isn’t innovative. That is the beauty of video games. It makes bridges for sensitive topics. I am happy that A Mortician’s Tale got the recognition it did, as it can open the door to many future possibilities.

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VA-11 HALL-A — 30% off at £7.69

I am not discrediting the many aspects of the game that are creative, insightful and frankly, amazingly well done and overall, VA-11 HALL-A is a fun and thought-provoking game with great visuals and even better music.

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Pendula Swing (All Episodes) — 51% off at £10.00

As far as gameplay goes, Pendula Swing is quite engaging. Episode 1 confronts Brialynne with several minor obstacles, which can be addressed in a variety of ways. The ability to explore and problem-solve in creative ways is liberating, and makes you feel as though you created solutions yourself rather than simply taking cues from the characters in the game.

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You can find all the episodes on Steam.

Dream Daddy — 69% off at £3.40

The relationships in the game are so engaging thanks to the superb writing that this game has. There are plenty of dad jokes, puns and humor but that’s only one aspect to enjoy.

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Monster Prom — 50% off at £4.64

 If you enjoy trying to bed a party ghost while your friend is failing to seduce an elder god then Monster Prom will keep your interest for a long while. It’s the perfect game to put on with all your terrible friends to enjoy with. Now, if you excuse me I have a very good boy werewolf to seduce.

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