15 great deals from the Steam Lunar Sale 2019

Steam is once again holding another sale — this time to celebrate the Lunar New Year. In this sale spending £30 will give you a further £5 discount on the sale and earn you some coins. These coins can then be spent on emojis, badges, and backgrounds! Focusing on the games, we have picked out a bunch of our favorites from the Steam Lunar Sale for you to check out.

Dungeon Deathball — 15% off at £4.92

Dungeon Deathball is a tough tactical title featuring a cute visual style which belies its depth. It’s permadeath all the way down, with each match, in its compact arena, possibly spelling death for your little human teammates. The concept may seem simple, but the game definitely isn’t, and that results in a tight but rewarding gameplay loop.

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Fugue in Void — 50% off at £2.39

That is a good encapsulation of Fugue in Void. For all its vast interiors, gnarled sculptures and exaggerated lighting, it never loses a strange intimacy. Everywhere you go, you go alone. Nothing feels like home — or anything else you might call your own — but there’s no one around to scrutinize your meandering or interrupt you as your eyes turn to where the light gathers. It’s just you and a marvelous open-close of space — worlds within worlds humming fugues for nobody.

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HellSign — 10% off at £10.25

We’ve all been there 一 waking up with next to no recollection of the previous night only to find you’ve managed to get a new tattoo across your back. It’s a little different when that tattoo makes you a magnet to occult creatures from other dimensions. This is the set up for Hellsign, an Early Access survival horror RPG in which you investigate and confront horrors from beyond the veil.

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Small Radios, Big Television — 75% off at £2.24

I really enjoyed this experience. Whilst the core gameplay is that of a point and click game, there are fresh ideas that elevate this beyond its core genre to be something genuinely interesting. The idea of experiencing sound in this way in a game is something very different, and I applaud the 2-person team for what they have created here. A great, colourful art style mixed with excellent sound and an interesting story make for a game I would recommend to players looking for a calm, different experience.

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Figment — 54% off at £6.89

Despite this, Figment is an enjoyable game, and its music and voice acting strongly influence the game’s atmosphere. Figment deals with the serious subject matter of trauma, and does so with a rich yet gentle palette of colours, charming rhymes, and — get this — bosses that sing before and during battles. It’s a game both adults and children can play and enjoy on different levels; definitely a Christmas purchase to keep in mind if you’ve got to buy something for kids.

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Fort Triumph — 25% off at £11.24

I think the game is a success, since I’m a big strategy fan; Fort Triumph is very easy to pick up and play, as most of its mechanics feel very similar to other games in its genre and it offers satisfaction as a result. Whilst it’s not a game I feel I could lose lots of hours to, it does make a change of pace from some of the more intense strategy games, with its charming humour and graphics.

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Shape of the World — 25% off at £7.71

Shape of the World completely lacks any plot to speak of, or even a background story. It is all about being a beautiful world simulator. Anyone who expects even a little more will be disappointed. Those who can find themselves lost in its shapes and colours will find Shape of the World a relaxing experience and beautiful distraction.

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Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics — 25% off at £14.99

While there will inevitably (heck, I’ve done it once already) be comparisons to Firaxis’ XCOM, Acthung Cthulhu takes a more traditional RPG route when it comes to the characters: between each of the campaign levels, you can assign them new abilities and specialisations. That said, they can still fall in combat.

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Flame in the Flood — 80% off at £2.99

The Flame in the Flood is a fantastic survival experience, and even though at times it doesn’t feel balanced it is hard to not be further drawn in by the audio and visual efforts of the team. Each of the game’s islands are short experiences, making it a perfect game for short play sessions during the commute — a fine addition to most people’s Switch libraries.

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Love is Dead — 34% off at £5.93

I think that Love Is Dead is made with a lot of love. It’s a really charming little game to pick up, whether that be because you’re just a fan of puzzles games or you’re after a fun game to play with a friend or a loved one. The story is cute and the level design is appealing and fun to circumnavigate — it will have you laughing with one another rather than screaming at one another, although that really depends on what you’re both like!

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Behold the Kickmen — 20% off at £2.23

All of that said, most arcade games can’t hold up under prolonged play, and Behold the Kickmen is charming and accessible when played in small half-an-hour bouts of play, through short leagues, or just as a couple of quick matches. For the current price of entry the game is a steal, especially if you are already a fan of arcadey-sports games, its ‘Speedball’ reskin and custom quick-match set up options add some replayability to the game, and the game’s story does add some humour and incentive to plodding through the leagues.

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A Hat in Time — 45% off at £12.64

The gist of the challenge is simple, explore the train for a time, find out about the murder and then head off to find clues as to solve the murder. Littered around the various carriages and engine rooms of the train are a variety of platforming puzzles; paddles to bounce from, jumps to make, enemies to dodge, and keys to transport to locked doors. Each of the clues, manilla file envelopes, allows you to accuse a different person at the end of the act, however it’s fairly obvious who has committed the murder and so the challenge becomes about exploration and use of your skills — each tied to various hats which you can change between.

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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War — 25% off at £23.24

Obviously, I absolutely love Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War. It was extremely difficult to stop playing each and every game. It’s the epitome of ‘one-more-turn’. There are some QoL issues, both positive and negative. The plus side is that it auto-saves every turn. That’s very handy as sometimes I’m so excited, I forget to save.

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Gris — 10% off at £13.04

GRIS is a relatively short game, finished in an hour or so, but I have never played anything like it, and I would guess that most players haven’t either. It is an emotional journey that feels like a perfect representation of an art game, fulfilling the artist’s purpose through play — a bite-size game that can be played in one sitting, that provides the game’s vision in its entirety.

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Slime Rancher — 50% off at £7.49

If you are looking for a game that is relaxing, fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously then you need to check out Slime Rancher. The game is brilliant, cute and I highly recommend it. Oh and unlike other Early Access games, they didn’t jack up its price on release. Kudos.

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The First Tree — 33% off at £5.35

The First Tree does well as an art game delivering its intended message, through the beautiful music and emotionally-charged narration. The art and animations are a little bit rough around the edges, but I felt that the story itself carried the game through these flaws. The game wraps up in about two hours and I feel that if it were any longer, it would overstay its welcome. It’s a great story for someone who has experienced a loved one’s loss or perhaps someone looking for a beautiful game that celebrates what it means to truly be alive.

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Disclaimer: Jupiter Hadley, one of the website owners, is an Adept Game Wizard for Armor Games, who published Love is Dead. This has not affected our decision to cover the game. You can read more information on our disclaimers here.

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