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7 awesome games from the Nintendo Switch Weird and Wonderful Sale

Nintendo is having another sale — this time showcasing ‘weird and wonderful’ games that are available for the Nintendo Switch. This sale lasts until the 6th of February, so we decided to pick a few of the games to highlight for you to check out in these coming days.

Wheels Of Aurelia — was $9.99, now $4.99

Wheels of Aurelia is a great game, one of which the likes I’ve never even seen before. A driving game with a narrative focus was always going to be tricky to pull off, but I think that the developers have done a cracking job to create great characters, a gorgeous world, a head bobbing soundtrack and multiple different interesting and intriguing stories all bundled together in one lovely package.

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Purchase Wheels of Aurelia in the sale.

Crossing Souls — was $14.99, now $7.49

I love the less than perfect cartoon-esque animations that charmingly breathe fresh air into a market of artistic perfection, and have a lot more character by far. I am here for the chase scenes, the mini games, the hundreds of different monsters that are each callbacks to famous comic books, video games, and movies of our past but designed one tick to the left enough to be on their own level.

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Purchase Crossing Souls in the sale.

Pool Panic — was $14.99, now $5.09

The standard elements are there — cues, balls, pockets (holes) — but that is where the similarities end. Pool Panic puts you in control of a sentient cue ball, in a world populated by other pool balls. The standard game loop involves you hitting the balls into the pockets, or other holes, then potting the 8 ball. After this, you follow the black ball down yourself and you finish the level. It’s a simple premise, but the amount of variety and creativity the development team show here is, quite frankly, way ahead of anything I have experienced before.

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Purchase Pool Panic in the sale.

West Of Loathing — was $11.00, now $8.47

One of the major draws for this title and its predecessor is the humor this game provides. There are lots of silly encounters, wink and nod types of jokes and comedy references to enjoy. The writers of this game really put a ton of detail into each character and quest. It may not make everyone giggle as much as I did, but almost anyone can find the charm and humor of this title.

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Purchase West Of Loathing in the sale.

Human Fall Flat — was $14.99, now $7.49

Overall, Human Fall Flat is a fun game and can be replayed many times, finding different routes through the puzzles. To make things even easier for yourself, a second player can join in for some co-op fun.

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Purchase Humans Fall Flat in the sale.

The Flame In The Flood — was $14.99, now $7.49

The Flame in the Flood is a fantastic survival experience, and even though at times it doesn’t feel balanced it is hard to not be further drawn in by the audio and visual efforts of the team. Each of the game’s islands are short experiences, making it a perfect game for short play sessions during the commute — a fine addition to most people’s Switch libraries.

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Purchase The Flame in the Flood in the sale.

Slime-San — was $11.99, now $5.99

And so whilst Slime-San is hard to recommend to everyone because of how tough it is and how the unique look might not be for everyone, it is nonetheless a fantastic example of how the Nintendo Switch can be used to support and enhance the offering of indie developers. It’s only a tenner, and yet it contains tens and tens of hours of content, should you wish to see it all. As a result, I recommend Slime-San highly, and if you are unsure, I suggest you give it a go and see what you think!

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Purchase Slime-San in the sale.

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