13 wonderful games from the Steam Fall Sale

Along with being able to select your favorite games from various categories on Steam, they are doing a huge Steam Fall sale, with over 14,000 discounted games. We here at B3 love sales, so we have picked out a few neat games you should pick up while they are on sale.

Dead Cells by Motion Twin — 20% off at £17.59

Dead Cells is a roguelike metroidvania that everyone has been talking about this year. With loads of places to discover, a beautiful environment, and tons of action to be had, Dead Cells is definitely a game to pick up if you haven’t yet. This game does feature permadeath, so make your moves wizely.

What makes the game so riveting for this particular genre is that you can never die. Platforming games solely exist on hearts, coins and lives (or their many variations); it’s their lifeblood and nearly the definition of the game genre itself. In Dead Cells, there is always you, the blob. There are always the willing corpses (as willing as they can be, anyway). It’s a cyclical process but with a twist — let me explain.

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Enter the Gungeon by Dodge Roll — 50% off at £5.49

Enter the Gungeon is a dungeon crawler mixed with a bullet hell. This adorable looking game has you taking on floor after floor of enemies, looking to kill them all off and gain loot before moving on. There are plenty of weapons, bosses, and loot to find inside this game.

When all is said and done, Enter the Gungeon is more evolution than revolution. I can’t think of a specific bell or whistle it uses to shout its message from the rooftops, but what it does do is more or less everything well. It looks and sounds good, with a fantastic feel which is head and shoulders above almost any other twin stick shooter I’ve played.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 by SCS Software — 75% off at £3.74

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has you playing a truck driver, trying to deliver cargo across Europe. This hyper-realistic looking game has a lot of customization options, allowing you to build up your own fleet of trucks the way you’d like.

From the sunrises and sunsets to the high level of detail, all the way down to the ever-changing pavement, trucking on the PC has never looked better. There are all kinds of bits, bobbles and slick features I want to add to my current truck — as well as upgrading the truck itself (and the drivers, my garage, etc.).

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Into the Breach by Subset Games — 33% off at £7.63

Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game where you control powerful mechs exploring the world after most of the humans have died off. Protecting cities and defending the humans that are left from aliens is your goal, in the hopes to build the best mech and be able to keep everyone safe.

For those who enjoy those types of games, you are going to love everything Into the Breach has to offer. It’s a perfect game length for those busy folks and offers more for those who want longer, deep campaigns. It takes simple ideas and adds innovative twists that are easy to digest. For the price, the amount offered and quality of design, you would be a fool to pass up on Into the Breach. I highly recommend it to any fan of strategy games.

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Deep Rock Galactic by Ghost Ship Games — 25% off at £14.24

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative multiplayer where everyone is exploring caves! Full of monsters, loot, and secrets, each player will take on a vital and very different role. You are all forced to explore together and look out for each other to get the job done. The various characters are really varied and fun to play.

Deep Rock Galactic is beautiful. The first thing which greets you when the mechanical doors hiss and grind open — aside from your dwarves shouting obscenities into the void — is the beauty of these caverns. The game paints vast, open spaces, ceilings shrouded in darkness and mist, with mesmerising veins of minerals glowing, glittering and enchanting. The cavernous maws are juxtaposed with tight claustrophobic passages which permeate the rock, stalagmites and stalactites puncturing the space, eerie mineral formations exuding gases and plant life grasping onto the tendrils of existence down in the deep dark.

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The Adventure Pals by Massive Monster — 34% off at £7.25

The Adventure Pals is a zany, wacky action platformer where old people are being turned into hotdogs and you can fly using your pet giraffe. You take on various enemies around the world, destroying them with your sword in hopes of saving your grandfather and finding delicious cupcakes!

The Adventure Pals overflows with absurdist humor reminiscent of classic platformers; From its punchy writing to its diverse level design populated by everything from radioactive, sentient breakfast food to balloon-shaped lunar specters. And, while its mechanics could use some serious tightening, its gameplay from start to finish never fails to be satisfying.

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Bad North by Plausible Concept — 10% off at £10.79

Bad North is a beautiful real-time tactics game where you need to defend your small island against Viking invaders. Through commanding your loyal subjects you need to use the island to your advantage as you make sure you all don’t meet an untimely demise.

It’s far too easy to be hypnotised by those sloppy, dashing sweeps of the swordsmen, by the swaying grass, by the gliding arrows, and many games would have been happy enough with that. However the clean and minimalist look is rapidly worn away by combat — the pale grey of the map transforming to a deep red, the beaches filling with boats which’ll never sail home.

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Hollow Knight by Team Cherry — 34% off at £7.25

Hollow Knight is a stunning adventure game where you take on a world full of insects. Within the caverns of this world, you will meet strange friends, battle fierce enemies, and hopefully not lose your soul. This old kingdom is just begging to be explored.

Its art style is frameable, its music iconic, and the characters are as endearing as they are horrifying in their own ways. Hollow Knight, through its initial release and numerous (free) expansions, has come to deliver something once-in-a-lifetime. For that, I will always cherish my first and many other playthroughs of the game as a joy and wonder to behold.

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Northgard by Shiro Games — 33% off at £15.93

Northgard is a strategy game where you control a clan of Vikings, looking to gain control of newly discovered land. This new land is full of many dangers, but gaining the land has its own value. You will need to bring fame to your clan and create history through the decisions you make in this new world.

All in all though, I really enjoyed my time playing Northgard. The game is suitably complex and deep in most areas, and is so without feeling convoluted or overbearing. The way it plays is fluid and really easy to pick up, and the presentation is flawless. I’ve spent 17 hours playing Northgard so far, and I don’t regret a minute of it. Great game.

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Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios — 70% off at £5.69

Darkest Dungeon is a gothic styled roguelike RPG that shows the real stresses of being an adventurer. You and your team of flawed heroes all take on stress, famine, and disease as they try to make it beyond their environment, fighting enemies along the way.

The character designs are fantastic, with both the heroes and the enemies really standing out. The Crimson Court characters have a wonderful visual style to them, but even the most basic of enemies have a huge amount of horrifying detail. The animations are mostly quite simple, but when combined with the sound effects work perfectly. Every attack sounds and looks as though it’s utterly brutal (and based on the health damage, they probably are). Speaking of the sound, the voice work is some of the best I’ve heard in even the highest-budget games.

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Crossing Souls by Fourattic — 75% off at £2.74

Crossing Souls is an action adventure game that allows you and your group of friends to explore the world between two realms. You’ll control five kids in the 80’s who are looking to have the most adventurous summer of their lives.

And really, with this game, I am totally here for it. I love the less than perfect cartoon-esque animations that charmingly breathe fresh air into a market of artistic perfection, and have a lot more character by far. I am here for the chase scenes, the mini games, the hundreds of different monsters that are each callbacks to famous comic books, video games, and movies of our past but designed one tick to the left enough to be on their own level.

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Hob by Runic Games — 50% off at £7.49

Hob is an action adventure game full of challenge. Set in a really beautiful world, Hob aims to have a wordless narrative, presenting the entire story through interactions with the world around you.

I can forgive them because Hob‘s world is so incredible, so ambitious and so interesting that I will want to experience it again. What little story we see is delivered visually whilst at the same time, the player is expected to figure out a game with many unusual concepts. I reckon if I play it again, knowing what I know now, I’ll see more and understand it better. It feels to me like Hob is worth knowing as intimately as possible, which is probably just about the highest praise I can give any game.

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Broforce by Free Lives — 75% off at £2.99

Broforce is an action heavy game full of guns, enemies, and destruction! Complete with online and local multiplayer, you can take on the world with friends to make sure there is enough bullets flying across the screen.

Its fast, it’s furious, and its a 2D shoot-em-up shenanigans expedition. It’s absent story besides a vague quest to liberate the world and to kindly, and freely distribute freedom and justice from the barrel of your guns/fists/blades/rocket-boots/TNT, etc, etc.

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If these deals weren’t enough for you, Humble is also doing a Fall sale, and we picked out some favorite deals from there too!

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