25 cool games for Nintendo Switch’s Gaming on the Go Sale

Nintendo Switch's Gaming on the Go Sale

Nintendo Switch is having a massive ‘Gaming on the Go’ sale with loads of titles at super low prices. Below, we have picked out a bunch of games that we loved, to share with you. Grab up the deals while they last.

Semblance — 30% off at £6.29

Semblance is a game that seems so sure of itself that you could not have blamed it for presenting itself without narrative. The puzzles and twist on the platformer formula are impressive enough in themselves that leaving out a story would not have been noticed.

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Purchase Semblance in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

The VideoKid — 30% off at £2.79

They certainly succeeded with The Videokid. It’s fun and challenging, but it’s certainly no game to play for hours on end. It feels like a polished game jam game to me, maybe taking the eighties references a bit too far in quantity and intensity.

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Purchase The VideoKid in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Wulverblade — 40% off at £8.99

Overall, Wulverblade is a fantastic(-ly frustrating in some cases) beat-’em-up which fans of the genre are bound to enjoy, despite several technical flaws. With stunning artwork and smooth animations, it can still feel like an unforgiving monster of a challenge, to the point of feeling unbalanced. While you must be aware that keyboard-only co-op isn’t an option, this is a decent title to invest in and play with a friend… as long as you like difficulty and that friend doesn’t happen to be too clued-up on the Romans.

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Purchase Wulverblade in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Vostok Inc — 34% off at £8.57

In addition to the Vostok Inc.’s core loop of shooting, earning, and spending, players can also interact with the executives that have been collected. Each functions like a Tamagotchi, with three stats which can be topped up with gifts. In addition to this they each have a mini-game you can play; these range from Space Laser, a first-person Doom-like, to Tapeworm, which is a remake of Nokia classic Snake.

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Purchase Vostok Inc in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

The Gardens Between — 33% off at £11.99

Ultimately, The Gardens Between knows what it aims to do, and it does it well. The puzzles are satisfying to complete and vary in theme, mechanics and complexity. Each of the environments are beautifully crafted dreamscapes that stick with you well after you complete the game. The nostalgia in the gardens is palpable, and sentimental lovers of environmental puzzle games will be thrilled with what they find there.

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Purchase The Gardens Between in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Hyper Sentinel — 50% off at £4.99

Hyper Sentinel takes the strengths of that 80’s title and builds on them. In addition to the simple laser fire of Uridium, there are several new weapons and pick-ups. The weapons range from a ball-on-a-chain which flails around your ship as you twist and turn in space, to a little drone companion who can easily make the difference between success and death. While there are no lives, per se, health pick-ups now feature — something very useful in the game’s wave defence mode.

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Purchase Hyper Sentinel in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Immortal Redneck — 33% off at £12.05

The game runs at a fair lick and in certain rooms you cannot help but simply run. Monsters will spawn in from the second you enter the room, giving you no time to scope the room out first — just to grab your gun and blast away. Blast even faster by using the Redneck’s special ability which temporary speeds up your attack. This is made a joy with the game’s especially fluid movement, which is just as fast as Serious Sam or Unreal Tournament. Sprinting, double (or triple) jumping about the place makes getting anywhere you need to a breeze, and in some of the more vertical rooms, is just so much fun.

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Purchase Immortal Redneck in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Masters Of Anima — 45% off at £8.79

Overall, Masters of Anima is a charming little game that is moderately challenging and easily accessed. The game’s strength lies in its tactical element and customisation. However, its puzzles and level design are lacklustre and, with regard to story, Masters of Anima has little to offer than has not been seen before.

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Purchase Masters Of Anima in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Pode — 30% off at £15.74

Despite the long list of things the two characters can do, it is all done with extremely accessible controls: movement and a couple of action buttons for each player. I’ve no doubt that Pode will be a great introductory game for new players, both young and old. Memorable for its co-op play, Pode’s character abilities and extra flair change the game from a simple platformer into a puzzle-platformer filled with heartwarming joy.

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Purchase Pode in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

A Robot Named Fight — 50% off at £4.99

Creature filled rooms, tight corridors to explore, and high-flying platforming moments all compliment the games story which — while silent for the most part — tells itself as you traverse through the game’s procedurally generated levels. As a result, each generated layout is slightly different, and unique. That said, if you die then you are given a “seed”(password) to copy down that you can enter, to play through the same generation. My only gripe with that is the codes are too long, but that is obviously down to the amount of variables they are taking into consideration, so that could just be me…

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Purchase A Robot Named Fight in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Sine Mora EX — 50% off at £12.49

Sine Mora EX does feature some pretty cool boss fights. These multi-stage affairs are the real highlight in gameplay. They always feel quite epic and are a good challenge. While they are of course in the regular game modes, there is also the opportunity to face off with them separately. The large variety in bosses never makes it feel like you are just doing the same thing over and over, they are all unique. Some of them do feature some insta-gib weapons however.

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Purchase Sine Mora EX in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

20XX — 30% off at £9.09


I have seen people play this game upwards of twenty plus hours. I don’t think I personally could get that mileage out of the game. Each play session is about an hour or more. Obviously high replayability is the focus here as you unlock more upgrades, abilities, etc. The only thing I personally wished for was more bosses. There is a serious lack of boss variety in 20XX. To wrap up, 20XX does plenty to innovate old ideas and keep true to the source. I recommend this title to any retro fans or people who enjoy roguelikes. There is plenty to enjoy here and I underline again the fact you can do it with a friend. I personally can’t wait for the sequel 20XXX.

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Purchase 20XX in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Aperion Cyberstorm — 50% off at £5.49


If you do succumb to the dangers of the arena – whichever of the sixteen available that has been chosen – then you’ll be turned into a spinning wreck, whistling around with minimal control for about 5 seconds. In that time you can choose to detonate the ship manually which might just cause enough damage to take out another pilot foolish enough to pilot near your spinning-top of a wreckage.

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Purchase Aperion Cyberstorm in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Axiom Verge — 50% off at £7.49

I could go on and on about the good points of Axiom Verge for quite some time and rightfully so, as there are a lot, but I think you get the point by now. It’s certainly a labor of love, and it shows, so it may come as a surprise that such a wonderful game was made by one person: Tom Happ. A game as thoroughly consistent as this is — from the art to the story and music — shows one singular, cohesive vision. I can’t pick a single thing that stands out as being an odd decision, or even just slightly out of step. Every single bit of it works together and on top of one another.

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Purchase Axiom Verge in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar — 30% off at £24.49

Nightwar is a game of quality, but the enjoyment that brings turns to frustration as the journey continues. While there may be more than ten hours of content out there, unless you’re happy to grind the same locations again and again, or forewarned enough to start the grind early, it may not be worth it. A disappointing judgement for a title whose first moments promised so much more.

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Purchase Battle Chasers: Nightwar in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Bridge Constructor Portal — 50% off at £6.74


Coming into the game, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had never played any Bridge Constructor games and I’m don’t go particularly gaga for Portal games. I mean, they’re good, I just never seemed to reach that same level of enthusiasm everyone else did over them. Given that level of handicap, I was quite surprised with how much I enjoyed Bridge Constructor Portal. As a puzzle game it offers excellent difficulty that feels rewarding when completed. It’s a fun off-shoot into the Portal world. Finally, as a Bridge Constructor game… well, I have no comparison to others, but the Engineer gave her approval and found it to be good fun. That seems like a win for the game to me.

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Purchase Bridge Constructor Portal in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Cast Of The Seven Godsends — 66% off at £3.39

So, you start out running and gunning, taking out a few skeletons, and everything feels rather familiar. You break your first vessel and suddenly, you are in your shining armour — you have to collect your armour first, here. Then shortly after, you pick up a mysterious shining orb. This is where the Godsends part comes in. There are seven gods, each representing one of seven different elements that change your look along with your weapons. Pressing and holding the attack button displays an icon above your head, scrolling through the elements. Upon release, your character takes on that form.

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Purchase Cast of the Seven Godsends in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Clustertruck — 30% off at £9.44

Clustertruck is a very fast paced game developed by, Landfall Games, and published by TinyBuild. It holds no story about why you are in the situation I will reveal soon, however it uses a very simple concept of jumping across platforms through a first person perspective, but adds the animated twist of making those platforms moving trucks. You have to reach the end goal by jumping from truck-to-truck. They could be steering round obstacles, they could be just driving straight, or they could be driving towards you; all you need to do is stay on top of them, progressing closer to the goal. If you take your time, timed events will begin and stop progression, if you go too quickly, you’ll miss certain timed events or get too far ahead, and if you fail, you’ll have to start from the start.

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Purchase Clustertruck in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

The Final Station — 30% off at £9.44

Visually, I was really impressed with what the team managed with the layered parallax backgrounds, several story moments that took place outside of the train were punctuated with the mutterings of the passengers, and it all tied together really well. Some of the level designs were also very clever, the mountainside manor of a millionaire, a town with a bunker network below, and a city built at the feet of a giant statue were three environments I wouldn’t expect to have been done so well, let alone in the same game.

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Purchase The Final Station in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Death Road To Canada — 40% off at £7.19

Would this be a game for you though? The best way to answer this question is with another question: does the idea of having a shotgun wielding dog as your party leader sound fun? Would a wrestler picking up your car and throwing it at the undead horde be something entertaining? If so, then you’re onto a winner here. Death Road to Canada is a roguelike that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s tough, but with so much variety that another run is practically demanded upon your untimely demise. On top of all of this though, is that it’s a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch. It’s a game that can be played easily in short bursts in either docked or portable mode and is worthy of your time and purchase. See you on the road!

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Purchase Death Road To Canada in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Dimension Drive — 30% off at £8.39

As a fan of the shoot-’em-up genre, Dimension Drive is a breath of fresh air to experience such a unique take on the concept. It’s beautiful character art helps define the story and the gameplay stays fresh to the very end. It’s not terribly hard for a newcomer to the genre, but it’s certainly worth checking out if you like top-down space shooters.

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Purchase Dimension Drive in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Earth Atlantis — 50% off at £6.74

It’s also a great concept. Earth Atlantis is based on a kind of open world approach in which players are free to explore in whatever way they want. There are usually several bosses scattered around each level and many, many smaller enemies to defeat in order to collect power-ups that will prepare you to face them. The challenge level feels good at first, too, setting the expectation early on that it is going to be tough.

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Purchase Earth Atlantis in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Floor Kids — 30% off at £11.19

Floor Kids is a good, albeit simplistic, game. In terms of accessibility, it’s absolutely great, being easy to get into and have a good time. I wish the single player had a bit more depth to it; creating your own dancer with their own moveset which you build up over the game could have been great fun rather than simply going from track to track. As it stands, it’s a fun game to play in short bursts here and there, particularly in multiplayer. If you’re in the market for a light and somewhat unique rhythm game, then you can do far worse than this.

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Purchase Floor Kids in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

Freedom Planet — 31% off at £8.99

What is most satisfying is returning to a fight once you have cleared it and comparing that to your first attempt. The game’s timer is the measure of your mastery. Stages which took 40 minutes to complete the first time can be beaten in half that on the second attempt or, should you prefer, you can clear out the level’s collectables and treasures to push up your score. Freedom Planet can be completed as quickly as possible or as thoroughly as possible, it is entirely your call or, should you wish, you can go back and do both.

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Purchase Freedom Planet in the Gaming on the Go Sale.

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