16 Spooky games from the Steam Halloween Sale

Over on Steam there are, once again, loads of games on sale. What better time to pick up a bunch of new games to fill up your Steam library? We have picked out some particularly spooky games that you might enjoy just a bit more this time of year. You can find them below.

Graveyard Keeper — 50% off at £7.74

Initially, Graveyard Keeper takes you through a short tutorial of what to do when a body is delivered to the graveyard (by a talking donkey), then pretty much leaves you to your own devices. The daily chores of performing an autopsy, extracting various organs, digging graves, burying bodies and decorating graves with headstones and surrounds might seem dull, but this game quickly opens up with quests aplenty from pretty much every villager you talk to, all seemingly incapable of performing simple tasks themselves — ‘I need some paper and ink’, ‘Find me some carrots’ — that sort of thing.

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Monster Prom — 50% off at £4.64

While it certainly isn’t for everybody. If you enjoy trying to bed a party ghost while your friend is failing to seduce an elder god then Monster Prom will keep your interest for a long while. It’s the perfect game to put on with all your terrible friends to enjoy with. Now, if you excuse me I have a very good boy werewolf to seduce.

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The Blackout Club — 20% off at £19.03

The Blackout Club’s strongest assets are the ones you don’t see until you close your eyes. Although the controls & collision detection leave a lot to be desired; you and your plucky band of teammates will keep coming back for more as the adrenaline rush of avoiding The Shape is just too good to miss after that first taste.

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Hello Neighbor — 50% off at £11.84

Hello Neighbor had a fantastic pitch: the player is new to the neighbourhood, their neighbour is hiding something in their house, and you must sneak through their house and find out what it is. The game was designed to fuse together Hitchcock-style atmospheric tension and an AI opponent which learned and adapted based on your actions — if you keep coming in through the windows, they’ll be boarded up next time.

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DarkLast — 51% off at £0.39

When you begin DarkLast, you find yourself in a graveyard with more fog than Silent Hill on an autumn morning. The game controls smoothly, using standard first-person shooter controls. After dashing through the maze-like commentary for a while, you will notice one aspect that sets DarkLast apart from half its competitors: there is no stamina bar and no limit to harnessing the fruits of your protagonist’s regular cardio exercise.

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Darkest Dungeon — 70% off at £11.84

Now, my favourite thing about Darkest Dungeon is the presentation. The character designs are fantastic, with both the heroes and the enemies really standing out. The Crimson Court characters have a wonderful visual style to them, but even the most basic of enemies have a huge amount of horrifying detail. The animations are mostly quite simple, but when combined with the sound effects work perfectly. Every attack sounds and looks as though it’s utterly brutal (and based on the health damage, they probably are). Speaking of the sound, the voice work is some of the best I’ve heard in even the highest-budget games. The narrator has the perfect voice to convey the horrors present in this Lovecraftian world of demons and unseen suffering inflicted by them. It really adds to the unsettling atmosphere in the run-up to a major boss encounter.

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Blair Witch — 25% off at £18.74

In spite of a couple of flaws, I utterly loved my time playing Blair Witch. This is easily Bloober Team’s best game to date — and this is from someone who utterly rates Layers of Fear — and is something that I would encourage anyone to try out if they enjoy a story focused horror game. It’s a slow build to a great finish, so don’t expect a ghost train of jump scares and monstrous foes. But if you are willing to go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a great surprise.

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Sea Salt — 15% off at £11.89

Sea Salt gives you a grungy, dark world that is just begging to become chaos. This action strategy game puts you in the position of a being who can summon horrific creatures to rain havoc upon the humans within the land.

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Death Road to Canada — 55% off at £4.94

Nevertheless, you could spend hours trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and reach Canada as each road trip generates new characters, scenarios and more bizarre humour. You could pick up a character wearing a horse mask, a katana-wielding neckbeard or a dishevelled Santa Claus armed with a shotgun. Your car could be a hippie van, a giant hotdog van, or a fancy sportscar. Your party could be joined by a dog. You could be a dog. With a flamethrower. Death Road To Canada is seriously replayable and highly addictive.

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DUSK — 25% off at £11.24

Dusk is the baby that Blood and Quake, two classic late 90s first-person shooters, would have. It has the small-town horror setting of the former that becomes the latter’s more twisted and Gothic environments. The weapons include pistols, explosives, and the all-important double-barrelled shotgun. The enemies are varied, creative, and numerous, whilst the pace is incredibly fast, Above all though, it’s fun.

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>observer_ — 75% off at £5.74

For me this ruined the tension of the game, I’d been creeping carefully through hallways and rooms, deliberately angling my viewpoint at strange, unnatural points in order to avoid jump-scares while passing through doorways, I’d been deliberately walking at different speeds in the game —creeping when I felt I should rush, rushing when I felt I should creep— and all because the game had been threatening to kill me.

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Darkwood — 60% off at £4.79

Lost, alone and in near pitch-black, you walk through the blockade of trees with just a burning piece of wood for light and a two by four with nails in it for protection. You can hear the rabid dogs nearby, but you have no clue which direction they’re in or if they know you’re there. At least you’re pretty sure there aren’t any more human spiders about to erupt out of the ground. You hope. There’s no time to worry about any of that though, as you’d best get back to your hideout before the sun goes down or things will get really unpleasant. The Darkwood is not a friendly place to be.

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Cultist Simulator — 33% off at £10.04

Cultist Simulator never feels easy, with a lot to learn — and fast. It’s possible to get yourself into a safe and secure grind, but the true excitement of the game comes from pushing forward and experimenting. Because of this, it will likely be quite a divisive game, but its tabletop and card appearance should warn off most of those who would be unwilling to persist along its dark paths.

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We Happy Few — 50% off at £22.49

The game’s survival traits are immediately present from that point, creeping down, further exacerbated by certain items you might use to cure them; sickness comes from eating rotten food, plague comes from a variety of sources, thirst comes from most food, and tiredness comes from standing around consuming various things to cure your ailments and thirst. At the start it is, undeniably, a complete hog of your time; it is in fact only through several retries or respawns (if you play with permadeath off) that you’ll learn how far you can push yourself, and what you need to be equipped with when you head out of safer areas into riskier territory.

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Hollow Knight — 50% off at £5.49

One thing to keep in mind is that Hollow Knight is a game that requires an investment. If you find yourself not enchanted by the game at start. Give it more time and explore deeper the layers of this title. I don’t think you will be disappointed. This is LONG game and I haven’t even talked about the Dream nail which radically changes things. Especially for the end of the game and much of its lore. You are looking at a good twenty to thirty hours of gameplay. That time will be spent exploring at your own pace and unless you use a guide, discovering all there is to find.

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DOOM — 50% off at £7.49

A fair few months ago, an old classic had been given a spit and polish going over, and decided we need to go back to the basics of old. The original game cemented itself firmly in gaming history and has been an inspiration to many. Today, we have on our hands on the reboot an old favourite to many. DOOM.

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