Full Catalog of Zuntata, Taito Game Music Goes Live on Spotify

Industry audio legends, Zuntata, have today added over 3000 of their tracks to the Spotify streaming platform.

Game soundtracks being on Spotify is not a new thing, but a large number of them are from either newer titles or smaller indie ones. Not that this is bad thing, any game music getting out there to a larger audience is great. Yet, there has never been a great selection of retro titles having their tunes out on the music streaming service. Sega has quite a bit of stuff on there, and some of the great chiptune artists of the 8Bit and 16Bit eras have their albums on there.

As of today, the retro selection has had a massive shot in the arm as Zuntata, the famous Japanese sound creation team behind the Taito games, bring their library to the platform.

Taito’s sound team, which last year celebrated its 30th anniversary, were named Zuntata after the album “Darius – Taito Game Music Vol. 2” was released back on June 25th, 1987. Zuntata historically focused on arcade and home console audio, however have recently, not least after Taito was acquired by Square Enix, have also taken on mobile games, as well as  other roles such as album creation, live concerts, and event planning. They’ve, undeniably, been behind some of the most iconic music in the games industry.

Over 3000 tracks (in over 80 albums) have been made available on the service (alongside iTunes, mora and Amazon) for you to enjoy, including:

Bubble Bobble®    
The Ninja Warriors
Night Striker™    
Groove Coaster® (Rhythmvaders®)
Psychic Force™
ZUNTATA Live Album
And many more, from Retro arcade games, later remakes, and modern titles.

You can access the music on Spotify right now by following this link:


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