Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Developer Diary Introduces The New Voice Of Chloe

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Developer Diary Introduces The New Voice Of Chloe.

Developers Deck NIne Games, and publishers Square Enix, have released a new video for upcoming Life is Strange prequel, Life is Strange Before the Storm, and it revolves almost entirely around Chloe and the challenges of the role for new voice-over Rhianna Devries.

Taking place well before the events of Life is Strange, and this time revolving around the first game’s death-prone sidekick Chloe, Before The Storm scraps the time alteration mechanics of the first title, instead focusing on storytelling and timing-based puzzles.

The latest video, visible below, features interviews with several key members of the upcoming prequel, including Ashly Burch (the voice of Chloe in the first title) who is a writing consultant on the title, lead writer Zak Gariss, and the new voice of Chloe, Rhianna Devries.

One of the main reasons behind the change of voice actor for the character was the ongoing SAGAFTRA strike, although it is very endearing that even though the issue has prohibited the voice acting, both the previous voice actor and the new team have continued to work together.

On the subject of this, the LIS blog said the following, “We are extremely happy to have been able to involve Ashly Burch in the creation of Before the Storm as a writing consultant – she has truly helped mold the younger Chloe Price into the character you will play.”

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be a three episode mini-series for PS4, Xbox One & PC, the first episode is scheduled to land on the 31st of August.

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