Video Review | Stereo Aereo (Xbox One)

Stereo Aereo, from developer The Stonebot Studio, is a space rhythm racer with a fair few thigns going for it. Notably, players have to use reflex or rhythm to dodge their way through an 80s inspired science-fiction setting.

Stereo Aereo was clearly designed to break from the mould of the traditional rhythm-racer style, as evidenced by the fact that the developers have not only allowed players to simply wrestle their way through on reflex, but also that they have interlaced a story throughout the game — a rarity in the increasingly popular subgenre of music games.

As a result the traditional focus on music and beat over object variety takes a strange shift as the story, and addition of shooting, turn the game into one populated by themed levels featuring their own enemy types. Levels, rather than songs isn’t unheard of, but normally makes games feel more like vertical shooters, or shmups, rather than rhythm games — Stereo Aereo retains the feeling of a rhythm game.

You can find my video review of the game (on the Xbox One) above.

Stereo Aereo is available now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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