Review| Assault Android Cactus (Xbox One X)

Android Assault Cactus, from developer Witch Beam, is a twin-stick shooter which replaces lives with a constantly draining battery.

There’s only one way to avoid your battery running out, to blow things up. Thankfully then, Android Assault Cactus is rammed full of massive robots and bosses, and you’re well equipped with ample ammo and an abundance of armaments.

The game features nine playable androids, each with their own shooting and control styles, which you can lead through a 25 level campaign, daily challenges and endurance modes.

It’s also fully playable in four-player, although for his review above our reviewer simply played through solo.

In addition to the Xbox One version, which is what is being played for review above, the game is also available on PC (where it has a 100% user rating from over 700 reviews) and PS4.

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