Pikmin in Togas – Okhlos Becomes Okhlos: Omega With New Update; Details & Trailer Within

Devolver Digital & Coffee Powered Machine have announced Okhlos: Omega, the new version of the mob-rule, revolt title.

The updated version of the game shortens the length of each of the game’s worlds so that you get to spend more times smashing your followers against the oversized soles of the gods, it also adds in more heroes to play as, as well as adding a mass of new enemies including champions.

Okhlos, for those of you unaware, is a game where you control a hero character who wields control of an unruly mob as you try to overthrow the leadership of the various Greek cities and towns and fight the gods themselves.

You can, most definitely, find out more about the game’s latest update in the new trailer below.

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