Homestead Update For The Elder Scrolls Online Brings Housing to PC/Mac Players

Bethesda announced today that their free update, Homestead has launched today.

Homestead, a free update for The Elder Scrolls Online has finally hit PC/Mac users today. This update allows players to purchase property within the world of Tamriel.

Houses, apartments, Mansions, and islands are amongst the available properties to purchase, and there are over forty house models, each of those adapted to the ten available races in the game.

Properties can be purchased with gold, from the Crown Store, or by overcoming a tutorial mission to acquire the first property. Properties are loaded with customisation options bringing over two-thousand objects and furniture to put into your wonderful new home.

Homestead is available for PC/Mac users right now, and will hit PS4 and Xbox One players on the 21st February 2017.

Source: Elder Scrolls Online News

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