News | Space Run Galaxy, Gameplay Trailer & Player Economy Details

It’s been a quiet two months for Space Run Galaxy, since Passtech Games, and publisher Focus Home Interactive, announced Space Run Galaxy back in March. Today however that silence was broken with the above trailer showing off some of the new gameplay for the title.

In SRG you’ll be a part of Buck Mann’s delivery service, indeed the character from the first game has done alright for himself. The game’s missions will have you working for various factions, or taking on user created missions, around the four solar systems and their 50 zones. The game also has an online economy built into it (think SimCity if it hadn’t had gone wrong) wherein trade prices fluctuate, if you combine that with the fact that players can work directly for each other, that makes for a really interesting, player led economy.

If you are unfamiliar with the first game then I recommend having a look into it, the focus on upgrading and adapting your vessel as to be best set up to defeat increasing waves of enemies made it feel like a blend of the defensive play of the tower defence genre you might be thinking of, but with a tightly knit cluster of tiles to build on, and enemies attacking from multiple directions.

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