News | Enemy Starfighter is now House of the Dying Sun, Launches Next Month

Marauder Interactive LLC announced yesterday (May 26th) that their space shooter title Enemy Starfighter has undergone some changes including it’s title, and that it’s now nearing an early access launch next month. (Technically the name change was announced on the 25th, sic)

Started back in 2013, Enemy Starfighter aimed to rekindle the rarely emulated joys of the Tie-Fighter series, fast, tight, risky space-combat. As an obvious fit it was developed with the rapidly approaching VR headsets in mind, as well as more traditional controls. Over the next few years the visuals of the title really came together, however the game’s randomised nature lacked the cinematic flair that was truly required to deliver a tribute to the games it was attempting to ride on the coat-tails of. Elements of the game were trimmed, it was streamlined into set levels with preset enemy movements – to encourage gritty dogfights – and, ultimately the game became what it is today.

You can read some more information about the game over on the developer’s latest [blog entry], or you can check out the latest trailer above. Personally I think it looks absolutely amazing, and I really appreciate the name change – it’s nice to have games shifting to more artistic names, rather than simply describing what they are, or verbying nouners.

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