ICYMI: 100ft Robot Golf Launched on Steam this Week, is 25% off.

No Goblin (Roundabout) have released their mecha-golf game, 100ft Robot Golf, on Steam following the end of a period of PS4 exclusivity.

100f Robot Golf, which pretty much does what it says in the name, sees 30.48m tall robots playing golf in a variety of environments; each of them highly destructible, and/or ridiculous.

As with No Goblin’s previous title, Roundabout -a game rich with FMVs wherein you controlled a perpetually rotating limousine in an isometric city- which launched in 2014, the game is positively lathered up in humour, although this mostly powered by the crazy concept, and also in-game narration.

There’s a few improvements in the PC version, with improved visuals, graphics settings, and revised AI.

It’s currently 25% off, and will remain so until the 23rd of March.

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