Phoenix Point: Teaser Trailer & Recent Hires for Jullian Gollop’s Next Title Detailed

A new teaser trailer has been released for the next project from legendary game designer, Julian Gollop, Phoenix Point.

Phoenix Point, from Snapshot Games, was subtly announced by Julian Gollop at the end of his impressive “The Past, Present, and Future of X-COM” presentation at 2016’s PC Gamer Weekender.

From the little information that has trickled out pertaining to the game, we know that the game will feature a deeper strategy layer than previously seen, with other human factions with their own motives operating on the map. These humans can be traded with, raided, or even drawn into alliances. This means that when you’re facing off one of the game’s procedurally assembled alien-virus beasties, you might find some extra allies or enemies in the other factions on the field.

There’s also  procedural tactical maps, and that magical term ‘open-world’ has also been used; however from what we’ve seen I’d imagine this means moreso that any point on the map can be accessed for combat, as opposed to the entire world being able to toddle around within an endless procedural tactical-level world.

The villains of the game are a malignant, alien-virus of sorts, which rapidly expands over the world with it’s evil mist and strange creatures as the last of the permafrost melts. As such, it’s certainly more of a horror theme than sci-fi, with even the tamer looking enemies resembling the recent X-COM series’ entries’ crysalids.

None of this information, mind, is relayed in the teaser, below. However it might well be giving us a first look at what could be an important villain, or plot-point to the game.

Other, more notable news, came in the fact that the studio have taken on new staff in the form of script-scribe Jonas Kyratzes (The Land of Dreams, Talos Principle), and composer John Broomhall (X-COM, Transport Tycoon, Forza Motorsport 5).

There’s currently no details on a planned release window, or planned platforms. But, here’s to hoping we find out more soon!

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