Super Mario Run Arriving For Android Next Week

Super Mario Run is arriving for Android devices next week after being previously launched last December on the iOS. 

Last year we saw Super Mario Run jump to the top of the App Store charts when it launched on December the 15th, and while there was a lot of confusion about the payment for the full game hopefully people are now aware of the pricing system.

If not though lemme explain. The title is free to download and you may try out the first three levels for free. After that to unlock the rest of the game you’ll need to pay a charge of £7.99 and this will give you access to all six worlds and all mini-games and any other features added in the future.

Players waiting for the Android release can pre-register the title and be notified when it becomes available to download on Wednesday when it launches, thanks to the official Nintendo Twitter tweeting out confirmation on this news.

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