10 awesome deals from the Steam Halloween Sale!

It is nearly Halloween, so Steam is having a large sale from October 29th to November 1st on some spooky games! With so many spooky and horror games to choose from, we have picked out ten that we have enjoyed to share with you.

Darkest Dungeon — 70% off at £5.69

Darkest Dungeon is a super challenging roguelike where you need to lead a team of heroes, all with their own flaws, through difficult situations involving stress, famine, illness and the dark. Through turn-based moves, you need to take on enemies, solve mysteries and hope to make it out of battle alive.

This is one of those super-tough games for players who want a serious challenge to overcome, and if that isn’t you then the game isn’t going to pull its punches. […] If you’re in the market for something utterly brutal but incredibly satisfying to overcome, this is the perfect game to take a look at. Just don’t let it drive you mad.

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Strange Brigade — 33% off at £26.79

Strange Brigade takes you to Egypt in the 1930s. An Egypt full of history, architecture, and a bunch of mummies that have come to life and want to destroy you. On your own, or with up to three of your friends, you can take on these waves of enemies with your own weapons.

Once you start playing Strange Brigade, you realise how tongue-in-cheek it treats itself. And as you’d imagine, each character has their own unique weapons and equipment, although none of them seem particularly powerful when you’ve got a horde of mummies trying to chew your face off.

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Distrust — 65% off at £7.20

Distrust is survival game where you must try to live after a helicopter crash. You are near an Artic base, and must find your way back as the world around you gets colder. Monsters lurk in the dark, looking to take the life out of you, so you will need to stay awake to survive longer, managing your fatigue along with everything else in the cold.

A game that looks this impressive, features dynamic weather as this does, and promises to play out different effects in game based on the main character’s mentality, is certainly one to be looked out for.

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Pinstripe — 50% off at £5.49

Pinstripe is an atmospheric puzzle platformer where you are looking to save your daughter, Bo, from a man called Mr. Pinstripe. This creepy story takes you through strange worlds, in the hopes of finding the man who took your daughter all while trying to  understand why he has done this.

Pinstripe is a story wrapped up in a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, inside an enigma. The story, mechanics and style are all really well done, and while it not be great for kids, or as a party game, it is a supremely good title, and one I highly recommend if you like games that make you think… and feel.

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Through the Woods — 80% off at £3.19

Through the Woods is a horror adventure game where you experience the story of a mother who has lost her son. You experience the terror and horror around a mother, telling the tale of her son’s disappearance. Hoping to find her son, you will need to see the forest through the eyes of this terrible situation…

Overall, Through the Woods is an experience that shouldn’t be missed if you’re a horror fan or a fan of Norse mythology. I loved the setting, the lore and the story and my time playing the game was well spent. I highly recommend this game to anyone with interest in the above categories.

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Abandon Ship — 25% off at £11.24

Abandon Ship sees you commanding a ship and crew! You will explore procedurally generated worlds, taking on other ships in combat to keep reign of the sea and save the world from a vicious cult. This beautiful game is challenging, with permadeath, but destroying your boat isn’t the end of the game — unless your captain dies as well…

Abandon Ship‘s world is one in a state of turmoil and looming danger, with most of its residents haplessly unaware of the powerful and erratic cult which has started to stretch its tentacle-like reach out through the world.

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Sundered — 50% off at £7.74

Sundered is a horror metroidvania with hand-drawn graphics that puts you in the place of Eshe. Eshe is exploring a ruined world full of terrifying, ever-changing enemies who seek to take them down. You will need to use the power of relics to defeat the various monsters — despite it using some of your sanity.

One thing is for sure is that Sundered gives you plenty to sink your teeth into with multiple endings and a long game. You are going to be raging for a long time as you embrace or resist, try different builds in the skill tree, and check out the multiple difficulties. Yes the game does get harder, believe it or not.

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Death Road to Canada — 45% off at £6.04

Death Road to Canada is a generative game where you end up controlling a car full of individuals looking to explore cities and fight off zombies! With your friends around you, you can travel the world; recruiting new people, taking on monsters, and fighting amongst yourselves.

What are you waiting for? The nights are getting long, winter is coming, the zombies are closing in and you had better hope you have enough fuel in your tiny little car. And that you run into the Rare Character Anime Girl and her Lovely Wand which fires glowing heart-shaped projectiles that are very efficient at destroying zombies.

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Hello Neighbor — 35% off at £15.46

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where you need to sneak into your neighbor’s home to figure out what secret horrors they are hiding. The entire home is trapped — it’s as if they don’t want you to see whatever is hidden in the basement, so you will need to be fast and sneaky to make it.

There is a major redeeming factor in that the neighbour AI is competent at blocking up the route around the larger houses as you fail, alerting them. It results in situations where, for instance, you see a room and know you need to find the room with the freezer, but as you’ve not fully explored the house you don’t know where that is, and even if you do, the altered route may leave you trying to find routes through unexplored areas as to avoid the neighbour.

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P.A.M.E.L.A. — 30% off at £13.29

P.A.M.E.L.A. is an open-world, horror survival game that takes you into a fallen city — where you have awoken from cryosleep. This world is full of new tech — you can upgrade yourself with weapons, equipment, and other items to see how they work in the world. The overseer of this world, PAMELA, is still alive and wants to see what you’re getting up to…

P.A.M.E.L.A. is the AI of Eden, she’s a remorseful, woe-stricken sort who has the ability to appear in a semi-physical form which she uses to wake you from your frosty slumber. Audio logs from her are littered around the city, and tell a story of the fall of the city. She can, however, be much more than a story device as you have the option to upgrade your link with her, and subsequently her abilities.

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