Why am I still playing Perfect Pizza?

A YouTube ad plays on my PC screen – ah wait, it’s a double ad. I stare at the screen, then look at my phone. Almost instinctively, I open Perfect Pizza and make another pie to give to a customer waiting. The game is simple, you make the pizzas, you send them out. There’s not really much there.

Making pizzas in Perfect Pizza entails tapping the screen to make a dough appear, dragging your finger around to apply sauce until it’s run out and then distributing cheese in exactly the same way. Dotting around toppings, spacing them out for a perfect score, before tapping at the right moment for the pie to be perfectly cooked. Once cooked, you can tap three times as a line moves around the pie, cutting it into six perfect slices, before tapping again to add a box.

Perfect Pizza

Then the customer gives you a rating, some cash, and you move onto the next one. So simple. This game doesn’t take thinking and it’s easy to master. I downloaded it on my phone, where I previously never kept games, in hopes of there being some sort of depth, yet I never uninstalled it. Maybe it’s because of how quick the game is, maybe it’s because of how mindless it is.

Sometimes, in Perfect Pizza the customer has a time they need it by. You’ll need to do everything quickly and efficiently, which is a bit more challenging but not much. The money you earn can be spent on new backgrounds or pizza boxes. Sometimes you do need to pay out 100 coins if your pizza oven breaks or to pass out flyers because nobody wants your pizza. Toppings that are worth more are unlocked over time. Quests are shown at the top, simple tasks like using 30 tomatoes for a bonus amount of coins or cooking five pizzas perfectly for some coins. 

Perfect Pizza

Yet, here I am, making another pizza. This time with mushrooms and meatballs. I placed it in my checkerboard box and noticed I got a four rating. Four. That’s going to bring down my total rating of 4.55 but I don’t want to watch an ad. You can watch an ad to refund the pizza, which will give feedback to let you know what you messed up and will not add the stars to your rating. Will I ever get to a total of five stars? Probably not.

There is something about Perfect Pizza — it might be the quick gameplay, the simplicity, how much I love pizza — that keeps me opening up the app, almost automatically, every time I have a spare few seconds.

You can find Perfect Pizza on iOS.

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