MasterChef: Let’s Cook! sees you cooking up a storm

Last year, I bumbled across MasterChef: Dream Plate and was disappointed with the fact that I could not actually do any cooking. As it turns out, someone heard my cries, and MasterChef: Let’s Cook was born. This mobile cooking game actually has you cooking when you play, which has been fantastic.

To appease three judges you must pick out ingredients to cook a dish. Each dish is made up of a bunch of Cooking Mama-style mini actions. It’s really a fun mobile game for those who like cooking games! You start off with a handful of ingredients and a limited number of recipes, but as you continue to cook you are able to unlock more and gain mystery boxes of new ingredients — these can really change what you are making.

When you start a challenge, you are shown the different requirements that will give you bonus stars. Sometimes the judges want to see specific ingredients used, areas of the kitchen not used, or different types of cuisines. You can choose if you want to follow any or all of these, but having more stars will really help you in the judging round, so it can’t hurt. 

Once you have seen what they want, you can grab ingredients from various drawers. Grabbing ingredients will then lock other ingredients, so that you can actually form a recipe instead of a pile of random things. Next, you will start your cooking. Various mini-games have you chopping items on the line, tapping when the peeler is just in the right place, and cooking on a stovetop. If you do things super well, you will gain stars. If you fail, you will not.

After the recipe is finished, you get a chance to plate up your masterpiece before it is shown to the judges. They will then give you a score depending on the number of stars you have, which is ranked against everyone else in that round. There are bonuses for being the fastest to complete, but often you will find that quick recipes don’t give you time to earn stars along the way, so they may not be worth it. 

MasterChef: Let’s Cook has weekly challenges that are around specific recipes as well as daily challenges to get new packs of ingredients. You can unlock clothing to customise your character as well, which can be fun, especially when playing against other people.

MasterChef: Let's Cook

MasterChef: Let’s Cook is a really lovely cooking game. I enjoy the actual act of cooking through the various mini-games, while trying to be both quick and get a good rating! If only I didn’t burn things as much! 

You can find MasterChef: Let’s Cook on Apple Arcade.

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