Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast — What is Ramsay doing in video games?

I love food games, as you probably know, and I love Gordon Ramsay — the angry, firey, TV chef who criticizes food on the internet and happens to be featured in various mobile games with his name. Will this game be about food? Unlikely. Will Gordon care? Nope. What even is mobile gaming with celebrity features? Who knows. Let’s get into the game.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is, you guessed it, a match-3 game. This match-3 game is much like others, you have to match three of the same squares. You can actually select two of the same squares too, but this often is not needed. You can’t move any of the squares around, and instead, are just tapping when two or more are near each other. If a large amount of the same squares are near each other, they will transform into a power-up. The most common are rockets, which either blast horizontally or diagonally, but if even more are grouped, you can end up with bombs or chilli peppers.

Chilli peppers remove all of that colored block on the screen. Any of these power-ups can be combined with other power-ups near them, to make super power-ups, which really help with the game. In the levels, you will need to do more than just matchup a bunch of cubes. There are beef wellingtons and onions to slice by hitting them with rockets or blasting blocks near them, blocks that need to be broken, sometimes a few times, and many challenges along the way.

On the menu of the game, you can see your level, a few challenges, the next recipe you are going to unlock, and what streak you are on, as well as your current coin count and your lives. There is a maximum of five lives that you can have, which refresh over time, but only drain if you fail at a level. Gordon does actually gift you new lives that you can stock up and redeem whenever you wish. It doesn’t feel too unfair. Your streak fire will gain you more power-ups that are within the game once the level starts, which can really help you out. The recipe is the main way cooking is involved in this. As you level up, you will unlock actual recipes from Gordon Ramsey, which are stored in this app. 

I am not sure how often people might play a match-3 game to earn recipes and then use that app to view and cook these recipes, but it’s a really funny way to connect the game to the chef himself. Apart from that, Gordon Ramsay is actually super positive in the game, encouraging you all the time, which is very surreal. 

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Within the match-3 game itself, there are premium power-ups at the bottom, which need to be unlocked or purchased, that can give you some massive, targeted help if you need it. Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is just a match-3 game that contains Gordon’s recipes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun one. I do wish there were more cooking games though!

You can find Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast on iOS and Android

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