Nacon MG-X PRO Android Controller levels up mobile gaming

Mobile phones have come a long way in the last few years, becoming more and more powerful. They’ve basically become a gaming console on their own, with mobile gaming making up the vast majority of the gaming market. With so many different and complex games coming out, it’s no surprise that new controllers are being developed so that you can enhance your mobile gaming experience. The Nacon MG-X Pro Android Controller is one such device, looking to enhance your gaming experience while you game.

The Nacon MG-X Pro is ideal for those who want to use Xbox Game Pass on their mobile device, as the controller is designed much like an Xbox Controller and is comparable with the controller-focused games from Game Pass. There are tons of compatible games on Game Pass, allowing you to not only take your gaming on the go, but also blurring the line between console gaming and mobile gaming. With that said, there are a lot of mobile games that actually do have controller support too, so there is a use beyond Game Pass itself.

Handily, when it comes to setting up the MG-X Pro, it’s actually really simple. Your phone will likely fit into this controller with its case unless you have a huge, bulky, underwater case. The controller can be pulled apart to fit larger devices, and has a nice raised lip to hold it in place. Once you have charged the controller, you can then turn it on using the Xbox Button, and then hold down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds. This device will then appear on your phone and you can connect.

It works quickly and easily and doesn’t require any sort of wires to connect them. This Bluetooth connection is done with Bluetooth 4.2, which may cause lag, but this was not something I have ever noticed using this controller.

The controller itself is made of sturdy plastic, feeling quite similar to Xbox controllers for your Xbox itself. The textured grips and thumbpads feel nice and the reactivity from the controller feels very much the same as an official Xbox controller. The Nacon MG-X Pro controller feels really well made and like it’s been greatly designed for long-term use on a more intense, controller-based game evening out your gaming experience with those on console. The long-session use of this controller is also highlighted by its 20-hour battery life, which seems to ring true. The controller does come with a charger and doesn’t take too long to charge up completely either. You can even use the controller when it’s charging if you’d like, and there is a red LED light that will warn you if your battery is getting low.

Nacon MG-X Pro Android

The Nacon MG-X Pro feels like a must-have for those that enjoy hardcore gaming and want to bring their games to their mobile device. If you are paying for the Xbox Game Pass, it does make sense to get the most out of your subscription, so taking your gaming on the go feels like a must — and this controller really will feel familiar and enhance your gameplay experience.

You can find the Nacon MG-X Pro on Nacon’s website.

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