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Picking a phone case is something that I have spent a lot of time struggling with. I always want something that looks cute, but I also am quite clumsy and end up dropping my phone to the death. I don’t like bulky items either, so having those industrial cases that turn your phone into a brick is something I’d always avoid. After going through so many different phone cases, I have finally found one I am happy with, thanks to Casetify.

I went for the Modern Rose Gold Constellation case in Navy Blue. The thing about Casetify is that once you have picked your design, you have a bunch of options when it comes to the actual durability of the case. You can get a basic case, which features a hard back, lip around your camera to help keep it safe, and a plastic frame or you can pick from a variety of more durable cases.

Most phone options have an impact case, which has slightly thicker plastic gripping around the side or an ultra impact case, which has bumpers on the corners which absorb shock and really help your phone in the case of a big fall. These cases are still quite compact and small, which is a huge plus, and they look great! Each option has the durability and weight on the side, so you can make an informed choice.

I’ve been using my Ultra Impact Case for a few weeks now and it’s really been fantastic. The design on the back is lovely, with texture to it, and the hard back means that my phone is safe. The side of the case feels nice, fits over the buttons well, and there isn’t a bunch of extra weight put onto it. 


Casetify also does a bunch of limited time collab cases as well as amazing designs for almost anyone. If you are looking for a durable case that can protect your phone, but don’t want to give up a good design, it’s worth giving them a look.

You can find all of Casetify’s cases on their website.

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