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Skinzilla has a variety of different skins for all sorts of things, from phones to various console controllers, that can make your items feel a bit more customised and more like your own. I got the chance to check out a sparkling iPhone skin.

Putting on this skin was pretty easy, you just need to clean your device, dry it well, and then peel off the skin to start sticking it on. The skin is made of a thick plastic, which will resist scratches to your phone and keep it clean while you use it. Once you have lined up the skin, placing it down onto the phone perfectly, you can use a card to get out all the air bubbles on the base of it. 


From there, it’s all about wrapping the sides of the phone, so that the tiny holes are in the right place and your ports are all good. I had a lot of trouble on the rounded edges, making this sort of rippling effect, which I feel would go away over time but isn’t quite ideal. Once you have your skin in place, you can peel back the smaller skin around the camera – I think this smaller camera bit is quite cool, as it will show from behind your phone case, if you do use those as well. 

I know a lot of people that are always switching phone cases, so having a skin underneath to use from time to time instead of a case can be quite fun, especially as it pokes out a bit. Overall, these were quite easy to apply and if you don’t already have a case, it’s durable and provides a bit of scratch protection while making your phone look stylish! 

Skinzilla have also given us a Batman and R2D2 decal to giveaway, as well as a second, dark camo iphone 11 pro max phone skin that you can get below. 

For other skins and decals, do check out Skinzilla!

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