10 tasty pizza games you can play right now

Ah, pizza! The tasty food of game developers and gamers alike, pizza is super delicious, sometimes controversial and always a good time. Whether you like classics like pepperoni or would rather go for a cauliflower base, everyone has had a pizza even a mediaeval archbishop who once ordered about twelve for Christmas. But, if you’re like me, you probably want to not only enjoy pizzas for eating, but play loads of pizza games! I’ve compiled a bunch for you.

Pizza Panic by Bryan WintersMackenzie EatonMel Maduro, & Anthony Godinho 

You, along with three friends, can play this local multiplayer where you attempt to make a giant pizza to order. In Pizza Panic, you must fling pizza toppings to fulfill the orders you are given and create the best pizzas possible. You must all prep the toppings, then fling them onto the pizza to make the order you want.

With character names like Meowzerella, Vonemando, and Octopie, this game is whacky, silly and just fun. You’ll end up shooting at your friends, trying to get everyone to submit their pizza, and trying to get everything done as fast as possible.

Pizza Crash by Niall Slater

Running a pizza place isn’t all about making the pizzas. Most successful joints have pizza delivery available. In Pizza Crash, you control a pick-up truck which needs to make pizza deliveries all around town. These pizzas are just thrown into the back of the truck, so as you drive around, they may fall out. Each house has a few pizzas ordered, so you will need to bring them to their destination and drop them off.

Pizza joints are far more popular than hotdog trucks — and this town is full of hot dog trucks. They will run into you, hit your truck and knock your pizzas out. You’ll really need to avoid all of them in an attempt to keep business. Pizza Crash is a really fun way to deliver pizza.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza by TapBlaze

Good Pizza, Great Pizza sees you running your own cute pizzaria in a town obsessed with everything pizza — to the point where they have a dedicated pizza TV network, which you can see daily. Your goal is to run the best pizza restaurant you can, all while trying to beat your rival, who seems to shop at your pizza place every time you have a new menu item.

Much like traditional simulators, you can make pizza by adding ingredients to dough, cooking the pizza and cutting it. Ingredients cost money, especially as you add more into the mix. Customers give you orders — some more vague than others — which you must fulfill to keep them happy. You can use the money you earn to upgrade your shop in various ways.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza stands out — it’s full of charm, interesting locals and options when it comes to who you will serve.

You can find Good Pizza, Great Pizza on iOS, Android and PC.

Pizza Quest by Team LazerBeam

Even aliens enjoy pizza! Matter of fact, they need them to survive as well as to enjoy. In Pizza Quest, you and your friend want to try some pizza, but sadly, you have been randomly attacked. Your friend has disappeared to get help, but you will need to decide if you want to stay, move towards the doctors or move towards the pizza parlor.

Since you have been recently attacked, your health is draining. You’ll need to keep going in whatever route you have chosen and attempt to get what you wanted before it’s your end. Pizza Quest is a short adventure, but full of quirky graphics, interesting environments and, of course, pizza.

World’s Fastest Pizza by Oscar Bosca

In Australia, they have a completely different way of delivering pizza. You’ll need to deliver the pizza as fast as you can through their dangerous world, all while collecting coins along the way.

Once you grab a pizza in World’s Fastest Pizza, you are taken to the delivery site and must look for the person receiving the pizza.  Sometimes, that’s a random spot on the ground. Other times, it’s a person’s house. Either way, you will have to avoid many, many dangers — people with guns and booby traps lie around. Glass can be broken, boxes can be opened and homes can be generally destroyed. World’s Fastest Pizza does let you spend your hard earned cash on upgrades to be even faster. This game is super chaotic, hectic and very fun.

It’s Raining Toppings by Mister X

Instead of trying to perfectly hand-craft your pizza, in It’s Raining Toppings, you are a pizza, moving around and trying to collect toppings mysteriously falling from the ceiling. Someone has ordered a pizza, with specific ingredients that need to be placed onto it. You’ll need to watch the shadows of falling ingredients to decide if you should move or not.

There are specific ingredients that shouldn’t be on the order, so you will need to be careful not to grab too many unwanted things. Once you have fulfilled the order, the pizza will disappear in a explosion of tiny stars before giving you a new order to try to make. Playing a giant, moving pizza is pretty great — though for whatever reason, there isn’t cheese on any of theses.

Vaporwave Pizza Co. by Ryan Alyea

Vaporwave Pizza Co. sees you trying to to create pizzas as they move across the conveyor belt, while also trying not to take too long. Dragging ingredients listed on the various pizzas costs money, as do ingredients and time. Time and the conveyor belt do slow down when you hold an ingredient, but so does your movement.

You’ll watch as your money goes down, trying to quickly add ingredients to these pizzas. You are only told what is needed for the next pizza two ingredients at at time. If you get a pizza incorrect, you lose the money that you spent on ingredients and do not gain any money for the finished pizza. Once the round is over, you can pick from a few upgrades before starting another day. Vaporwave Pizza Co. has a very unique look and, despite being a very simple pizza game, is enjoyable, if slightly strange.

Pizza Express by Onni Interactive

Pizza Express has you running a nearly shut-down pizzaria in the hopes of saving it. Instead of just delivering or making the pizza, in this game you must manage all aspects of running this restaurant. You need to name it, purchase ingredients, create menu options, pick pizza names, decide the time the place opens and closes and even control all of the advertisements that go out about your shop.

Along with trying to quickly create the right pizzas and serve them to customers, on many days you will have to make strange decisions which might affect your business, popularity or your friends. This entire small town needs a lot of help in these hard times, and it’s up to you to help them out as well as run a great pizzaria.

Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars by Invisible Collective

Fighting over pizza is a perfectly reasonable thing to happen. In Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, you need to collect enough slices to create a full pizza. Playing against three of your friends either online or in person, you must battle it out to be the sloth with their pizza finished first. Dotted around the area are various weapons and pizza slices. Picking up weapons lets you change to them, while picking up slices forces them to trail behind you until you bring them to your pizza.


If you die with pizza trailing around you, those slices are available for someone else to pick up and stay within the arena. There are a huge variety of levels to play through, in multiple worlds. Some have additional hazards and others are quite open, meaning you need focus on your friends. This game even has a bunch of hats to customize your sloth with! The fight for pizza is one worth dying for in Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars.

Crash World by Two Story Games

Crash World sees you delivering pizzas for the first time ever. After going through a driving test, you now are a pizza delivery driver, with your own vehicle that you can upgrade along the way. As you drive around delivering pizza, you can collect more coins, fruits and pizza slices. These various bits will increase your payment and high score.

Crash World, Featuring Pizza

You do need to watch out for other cars, running into various objects around the town and killing pedestrians. Killing humans will get you fired — you are a pizza delivery service, after all. Once you have got used to the job and can earn a better paycheck, you can purchase various upgrades, including hats! The driving in Crash World feels good, the characters say really funny things and it’s a great time.

You can download CrashWorld on GameJolt.

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