Property Brother Home Design — I miss American TV

I used to watch a lot of Property Brothers back when I was in America, where it featured on HGTV each week. I love the dynamic between the two twins — one a real estate agent, the other a renovator — as they help couples and small families make the house of their dreams within budget. I had no idea they had a game or what to expect when I downloaded Property Brother Home Design.

Despite not expecting much, I should have probably guessed that Property Brother Home Design is actually a match-3 game. Both the video trailer and gameplay pictures on the page omit the match-3 aspect of the game. At first, I didn’t even know it was a match-3 game, as Drew and Scott, the Property Brother’s themselves, greeted me and told me that I needed to get started on a job real quick.

Gutting the house cost money — as did rebuilding the house with new items, better wallpaper, and a sleeker layout. Most of the Property Brothers homes on TV actually ended up quite white or grey, with pops of bright color, and this game really mimics that. To earn money, unlike the show, you will be doing games of match-3 and eventually getting enough to unlock the next thing.

Once you have purchased something, you will have three options to pick from, before locking it into place and moving onto the next purchase. You can go back and change these — as it’s often to know the vibe you are going for when the room is pretty empty and there aren’t even many options as to what to put into it. On top of the main home and couple that you are designing for, there are limited-time events that you can go off and do, if you get sick of the current match-3 you are playing.

Property Brothers Home Design

These limited-time events have you playing match-3 games for tickets to spend on the project, as well as money that you can spend on your main home, so it’s sort of a two for one type deal. They are challenging match-3 games once you get into it, breaking walls and popping pillows while Drew tells you that you are ‘fantastic!’ over and over. There are a limited number of moves, so you might end up failing and having to pay some of your premium money to add a few more moves onto it. This is the only real purchase and there aren’t many ads in the game. I do like that they’ve actually used the Property Brother’s voice in their game, but still do not understand how these TV stars designed their own app. 

Overall, Property Brothers Home Design is a simple match-3 game, where you can spend all your earnings helping a couple make their dream house. There is a bit of back and forth between these families, which is cute, and as someone who likes the show, this did entertain me for a few days. But then, the novelty of the Property Brothers wore off and I was just tired of matching boxes around. 

You can find Property Brothers Home Design on iOS and Android.

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