A Space For The Unbound – Prologue dives into dreams

An emotional journey through the minds and misadventures of two schoolchildren, A Space For The Unbound – Prologue is a touching puzzle game.

A Space For The Unbound – Prologue follows the story of two school children, one who is writing a story and another who is helping mentor the other, younger child. Both of these children are able to use magic to dive into people’s thoughts and explore their minds.

Atma and Raya are hanging out in an old train yard, talking about the story that they are writing together — a space princess with a pet cat, turning into a glorious flower and floating off into all of space – the story is nearly finished, with just one chapter that needs writing. There is something stopping the younger of the two from finishing the story — she has a lot of worries around finally completing the chapter.

Her co-worker is able to dive into her mind, finding her fears and anxieties, and fixing them, while learning more about these people. This is something that can be done with almost anyone, though there are specific people that they end up jumping into the mind of, helping them solve their current troubles through solving little puzzles and bringing real-life items into the dreams and solving puzzles that way. 

A Space for the Unbound

A Space for the Unbound shows more than just the anxieties inside these individual’s lives. It’s a story that takes place in a small town, where the younger of the two kids is having a rough home life. This is seen through interactions with her and interactions at her home, showcasing a more worrying home life then one might have expected from such a smart and bright child. 

The story is one that tugs at your heart — something interesting, following fears and anxieties, as well as helping them be mended through figuring out ways to untangle thoughts through diving into their minds. You also can pet every cat and are guided around by a cat within the story, which is a really nice touch. At this time, there is currently a playable demo that can give you a bite into what to expect — a captivating demo that gives a great amount of detail into this beautiful world.

A Space for the Unbound – Prologue can be found on Steam.

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