New 3DS Game, Miitopia Makes Streetpass Look Like Old News

If there’s one thing you missed over the weekend, it was, Miitopia. This new 3DS game is set to release in Japan this year, and takes Streetpass Quest, and locks it in with Tomodachi Life, and JRPG’s. You collect Mii’s of your friends and strangers, as you would normally in Streetpass, then you assign them roles to act out, and personalities, which aids them in battle, or even hinders them.

The combat looks like an incredible step up from, Streetpass Quest, with some very advanced systems being shown, and teamwork taking place.

When you’re not battling the evil creatures that have stolen several Mii faces that you are trying to return to their original Mii’s, you can take a break in other Mii’s rooms, developing a relationship with them, which in turn helps how they perform in battle. There also appears to be a cool inventory system hinted, and emotions seem to run high at one point.

You can watch the video below, but it doesn’t kick in until the live action element of the video is over. It’s all in Japanese too, and there’s no confirmation that it’s going to release outside of Japan. Either way, it does look very interesting, and if it does make it’s way out over here, I’ll be reaching for my 3DS to give it a go.

It releases on the 8th December in Japan.


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