Nintendo Indie World Showcase — Hot Picks

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase dropped in like a glorious love bomb, with a surprising number of announcements and reveals which will surely whet the appetite of Indie connoisseurs everywhere.
The full presentation

Nintendo hasn’t shied away from being a console which encourages Indie designers to create for their platform, and with this showcase, Nintendo impresses once again with their selection of ports, sequels, and surprises. Their twenty-minute presentation on Tuesday 10th was a remarkable flurry of videos and announcements for the start of the next decade. With the likes of The Talos Principle and Sail Forth on the horizon, Indie titles are looking strong going into the start of the 2020s. Furthermore, with the surprise announcement of Axiom Verge 2 as well, metroidvania fans will be happy, as The Nintendo Indie World showcase definitely did not disappoint.  

So what better way than to round it all up with a small selection of the hottest picks of the bunch? In no particular order:

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 comes swinging in to build upon the legacy of the original side-scrolling beat em up trilogy. Showcasing glorious comic book style artwork and visuals that lends itself perfectly to the 80s electro chiptune soundtrack in the background. Look forward to beating down a bevvy of bad guys in the first half of 2020. 


With no user interface to speak of, and set in a beautifully rendered stained glass world, Gleamlight offers the player the unique perspective of taking the role of a Sword in what is set to be an interesting, atmospheric adventure coming early 2020. 


For anyone who has dreamed of putting together games of their own, or pondered the “What if..?” possibilities of the process, SuperMash gives you the power to create weird and wonderful creations by doing exactly what it says on the tin. Set in a video game shop, SuperMash is full of promise with being able to mix and match genres together, with the potential to share what you create with your friends. 


With an aesthetic that resembles a dark and gritty graphic novel, Liberated shows a cyberpunk tech-noir which blends elements of interactive story, action platformer, and side-scrolling gunplay. It will be a timed exclusive for the Switch before moving onto other platforms in 2020.


It’s a throwback to Tony Hawk days except the skate parks are made of paper ramps, staple guns and pencils and you are a little bird who can grind, ollie and kickflip like a pro. It’s weird and I’m feeling it. SkateBIRD is pencilled for release late into 2020.

All in all, the Nintendo Indie World showcase dropped a lot in a short space of time, and the Nintendo Switch is only solidifying itself as a console which aims to be at the forefront of Indie gaming to come.   It’s going to be a wonderful start to the new decade for Indie games with a platform like the Switch supporting them, as evidenced in the showcase.

What caught your eye?  Leave a comment and tell us which game you’re most excited about going into 2020.

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