GladiEATers has you fighting with your food

GladiEATers is an interesting mix of a fighting and cooking game, combining into something you’ve likely never played before. Before you are able to battle against different chefs, you must cook your ingredients, building your battle party!

In GladiEATers, you will find yourself quickly cooking a bunch of ingredients to then use in fights against other chefs. Cooking is done in Cooking Mama-inspired mini-games, where you need to do things like cracking eggs by tapping buttons, or hitting space at the right time to ensure that water is hot enough. You can stop cooking any specific ingredient at any time, and can battle with it as is — as cooked or undercooked as you want. This actually can change what the ingredient can do!


The second part of the game has you taking on 1 v 1, turn-based battles where you can watch a timeline and figure out exactly when you can best attack. This timeline is great for strategy and planning out how you are going to take on the other chef. Different chefs know different recipes, due to the food they like cooking, which changes their playstyle.

There is a lot of love behind GladiEATers, which can be seen throughout the gameplay. The chefs all look very unique, and their different foods and recipes play so differently from each other. When it comes to the cooking mini-games within the game, there are so many classics, and the timer ticking down preventing you from making too many foods lets you really feel the pressure as you try to build a balanced army and make sure they are cooked or prepared to the proper place. 


I got the chance to play a bit of GladiEATers at WASD earlier this year, and I really enjoyed my time with it. It’s got a lot of potential ahead of it’s 2024 release. You can currently wishlist the game on Steam.

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