Latest Battle Brothers’ Dev Diary Details Late Game Crises

Battle Brothers’ late-game events system, due in the next major update, has been outlined by the developers, Overhype Studios, in their most recent blog post.

In their latest blog post Overhype Studios have detailed the three late game crises which will be coming to Battle Brothers in it’s next major update: an undead uprising, a greenskin invasion, and a civil war between human houses.

When the game originally launched, as the developers mention in the blog, in the days prior to noble houses and deepened event system, the world’s enemies would seemingly spawn from the edge of the map, and if left undisturbed would spawn enough enemies that they could rapidly form more bases, and essentially flood the world. So, if you were happy with fighting bandits, but (understandably) cautious about orcs then you’d inevitably find the greenskins creeping closer and closer to humanity, nigh impossible to push back.

This was, understandably, changed. However, the Greenskin Invasion crisis which comes in the next update, will see the Orcs join up with the (relatively new) Goblin faction and begin that deathly march anew. In addition to raiding they’re on a goal to actually wipe out humanity within the region — rather than simply raiding they will actually turn a town to ruins after a lengthy siege/raiding and pillaging session.

The Undead Arising crisis follows a similar path, but rather than greenskins it’s the skeletons, vampires, necromancers, fallen heroes, lost souls, and wiedergängers that are teaming up. (Note: Ghouls are to become Nachzehrer, an independent enemy, like Dire Wolves.)

“I think we’ll stop for a pint at the next town instead”

The combined undead horde will then march on humanity, similarly sieging towns; but rather than raising them to the ground they’ll do much worse — taking them over and turning them into giant, possessed crypts which then spew forth more enemies.

As an interesting further aside, there’s a chance that anyone who falls in normal combat stands a chance of reviving as a wiedergängers, which could really change up the gameplay when defending a caravan against bandits only to find the fallen guards rising up again to fight you.

Last, but not least, is the ‘War’ crisis; two of the land’s human factions break the cold-war style truce and send their knights, troops, and hired mercenaries against one another, with a lot of gains to be made from an opportunistic mercenary band.

Apparently, once a crisis has been resolved and a certain amount of time has passed, another can start to fire again; after all, the work of a mercenary band only ends on retirement. Retirement, alongside ambitions, also being another part added in the update.

I do wonder how a world would recover from being decimated by an unfortunate string of events; I suppose the answer is that in most cases it wouldn’t. We’ll have to see for sure however when the update launches early next year.

Battle Brothers is available now on Steam Early access,

Source: Battle Brothers Blog

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