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Exodemon - LogoTitle: Exodemon
Developer: Kuupu
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What type of game is it?

First Person Shooter

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

Classic fps gameplay with some modern conveniences. Fast paced, high frequency combat with unaided navigation powered by jumping and exploring.

What do we like most about it?

I came to the page for the minimal HUD, and the interesting mashing of technology and magic. I stayed for the impressive 2D characters within the 3D levels. That and the complete lack of directions regarding the way to traverse the level – short of looking around and heading towards where the enemies spawn.

If you watch the trailer below then you can see a person who truly knows the level, playing it with a surefire confidence in themselves and the level layout. For me, this is both intriguing and horrifying. I am a terrible backseat gamer and so can’t stand watching most others playing games, this is for two reasons. One, I just wanna play it (this is especially the case in Exodemon), and two, the skill level of the player is always different than my own… better or worse. This video however plays out like the old gameplay snippets that used to play out if you left the game on standby, an iron, cold run through of the game without comment or context – and I rewatched it several times knowing that I will likely never be that good at the game, but that it certainly looks fun.

When’s it due?

Exodemon in it’s current form is already playable via Itch and Gamejolt, however the planned Steam version (and I assume, ultimately, the other versions eventually) is set to include mor enemies, more levels, and more boss battles. When it launches it will do so for PC, Mac & Linux.

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