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What type of game is it?

Turn Based Squad Strategy

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

It’s a tactical squad based combat experience with dynamic environments and an extensive procedural story/mission array.

What do we like most about it?

The developers themselves confess the heavily influence of the modern XCOM titles on this fantasy title; and that’s a fact that clearly shows. That said, where the influencing series’ maps were mostly focused on you moving to the central ground, holding and then moving forward, in Fort Triumph you can control the map in a defensive way if you wish, and not just through holing up centrally. You see in FT a lot of the map is interactive, and elements like height actually come into play in a more tactic extreme than improved line of sight and damage. Trees can be kicked to cover chasms, rocks can be knocked to drop enemies into the aether, and patches can be lit aflame to damage all who try to traverse it.

From the demo there’s only a few of the planned features on show; we see the aforementioned spells on objects to change the map and the cover system, but we don’t see the use of various different spell types. A promo art piece shown on the Greenlight page depicts a warrior of various elemental forms, archers, warriors and spellslingers are the only classes we’ve seen so far, and we’ve only seen the grassy exterior terrain in motion so far.

So, we’ve still got a lot to see from the game, however the developers have time, and from the comments are clearly aware of their existing shortfallings (small as they are). It’s definitely one that I intend to watch, not just because of the clear XCOM influence, but also because of the promise of a mission generation system that sounds truly interesting – “In one playthrough you may be facing a horde of monsters laying siege to your castle, in another you’re invading the domain of zealous subterranean molemen to rescue the duke’s spoiled son, and in a third you’re rallying an army for a climactic battle against a neighboring kingdom. No two playthroughs are alike. ”

It’s certainly one I’ll be keeping my eye on.

When’s it due?

Fort Triumph is set to launch for Windows PC & Linux early next year.

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  1. Mr.Papaya! says

    Hi Dan, thanks for the Highlight! 🙂
    You’ve described our game very well, so we’re glad to have been able to communicate our ideas successfully. XCOM is pretty much the standard of the genre, currently, but we’re “taking notes” from other games as well, such as Hard West and Jagged Alliance 2. We look at what we works, what doesn’t and what can be done better. There is a lot to improve 🙂

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