Five New Studios Incorporated by Former Rockstar North President, Also Trademarks Potential New Title

Leslie Benzies has gone from leaving, or being made to leave Rockstar, to suing them, to now incorporating five studios to establish a new foothold within the gaming industry.

Back in January 2016, it was reported everywhere that Leslie Benzies had left Rockstar North after being with the company since 1999. He went on a sabbatical in September 2014 and according to Rockstar, had chosen to not return to work for the company. This was Rockstar’s confirmation to Kotaku.

However, Christopher Bakes, a Locke Lord law firm representative who was representing Benzies said that Benzies returned to work after his sabbatical had ended on the 1st April 2015 but found his access device had been deactivated. After being let in by security, Benzies was then told to leave by the Rockstar North office manager without reason.

Benzies’ moved on to file a £105 million law suit against Rockstar, while Rockstar and Take-Two are counter suing claiming the allegations are false. This is still ongoing, more information on this can be found by going through the legal documents here.

Now, Leslie Benzies has incorporated five firms, Royal Circus Games Limited, Starship Group, Everywhere Game Limited, VR-Chitect Limited,  and more according to Companies House records.

The main focus appears to be on Royal Circus Games Limited, and they have trademarked the title, “Time for a New World”. The company are focused on creating video games for consoles, PC’s, and mobile devices according to their application to the Intellectual Property Office.

Not only that but the one company, VR-Chitect Limited are apparently, also according to their IPO and US Patent and Trademark office documents, plan to create headsets, glasses, and software to enable virtual reality viewing.

It will be interesting to see where Benzies goes next and what he and his companies create.


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