Big Boss Babble Episode 15 — Super Mario Cereal, Fortnite Lawsuit & A Digital Future

Toby, Terry, and Dann meet up for another discussion about video games. This time discussing the announcement of Super Mario cereal which doubles as an Amiibo, the news that Epic Games are suing a minor for breaching an EULA contract, and the approaching digital future for games.

For more information on the Super Mario cereal, Warpzoned wrote up some of the earlier information on the strange gimmick. For a quick sit-rep on the current Epic Games hoo-haa you would suffer none to read the (at time of posting) latest news on it over on PCGamer, and our source for the quote in the final piece, on the digital future, was from this article quoting Take Two president Karl Slatoff over on

As ever, thanks for listening!

Intro music: “Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod(

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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